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The faceless fear
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Tiffany blinked. She wasn't sure what had just happened. One moment, Jackie was rolling on the ground, but when her gaze shifted towards Quincy and back again, the other girl was gone! She blinked again, just to make sure, and turned her attention to Quincy.

He brought back a weapon and while it wasn't exactly the best weapon, it showed that he wasn't completely useless. She burst into tears, throwing her arms around Quincy's neck and hugging him tight.

"Oh Quincy! I was so scared! He was pointing the gun at me... He wanted to shoot me! I was so scared!" she babbled.

Slowly, she loosened her grip on him, wiping her eyes as she continued, looking down at the ground, "Sorry... sorry... I was just so scared... I didn't know if I could shoot him..."

She looked up at Quincy, partially to show him her tear-stained face, partially to gauge his reaction to her outburst.

"What... what happened? Why did you go?" she asked.
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