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Too many people.

Wounded Jock over there didn't want Rhory around anyway, the other two were too nice for their own good, and then this guy comes in trying to get in on it as well. If someone dangerous showed up they would get picked off like flies.

Rhory was feeling better now. She was able to get up, able to breathe. Her mouth felt clean. It was time to leave again.

"Thanks... I'm, uh, meeting someone. So I think I'll be out of here."

She didn't wait for a response. She didn't want one. She didn't want to hear that they were all going to be friends and beat this game and everything would be fine. She just wanted to... honestly, she could use a good shower right now. Or a meal. Or a movie. Whatever it was, these people weren't giving it to her.

She gave the group one final wave before walking back to her makeshift bed and picking up her stuff. It was back to the hunt for Rhory Anne.

[[Rhory Anne Broderick continued elsewhere]]
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