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"Kids, when I first looked through the dossiers we have on you guys, I was thinking no way no how were a bunch of saps like you going to provide much of a spectacle."

These words slowly brought Mary Ann out of precious slumber and back into her mortal reality.

It was very cold in the tunnels; in fact, if she was alone she'd have never gotten to sleep. It was the thick, sweet smell of R.J.'s clothes that guided her through the darkness and into her dreams, finding a silent sleep for her mind- but of course, like the rest of her life, Danya had ruined it with his morbid obsession with Bayview Secondary School.

R.J. ran his hand through Mary Ann's hair, around her ears and over her scalp- almost as though he was petting a cat. Mary Ann did not move or open her eyes. She knew that as soon as he knew she was awake, they would start moving again, running from everything on the island that could breathe. She did not want to run right now, not yet...

Plip. Plop. Plip. Plop.

Mary Ann was moved, hidden away like jewelry before a robbery. She covered her face with it- Don't wake up don't wake up don't wake up.

"Kid, I don' know who you are, but you're a godsend baby."

I'm asleep. Don't wake up. Don't hurt me. Don't wake up.

More talking. Talking talking talking. Just shut up and kill us, that's obviously what you're going to do here now that you have- the gun. He has the gun. Don't wake up don't wake up.

A struggle. Grunts, something falls, someone falls, someone gets up.

Don't wake up. They won't hurt you if you don't wake up. You didn't see anything if you didn't wake up. Whatever you do, just don't wake-


Mary Ann rose with a start and a scream.

I should've woke up.
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