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((Rekka Saionji continued from The Various Downsides of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls".))

((Any GMing approved by Stark.))

Having run straight north from the eastern side of the fun fair, Rekka had it dead set in his mind. He needed a gun, or something a little more effective than just a pair of fake knives. His journey had been mostly silent, stopping only just outside of the house of mirrors for a moment to stop and eat a bit of the bread that the terrorists had provided. There had been some sounds coming from just inside of the door outside which he sat, a couple of female voices; not that he could make out the words. It was a hall of mirrors after all, the entire point was for it to be a fucking maze. Either way, the girls both sounded terrified out of their minds. And no one with a gun would be that scared. Either that or if they were there would be the sound of a couple of shattering mirrors. Useless to him.

And frankly, the place gave him the fucking creeps. It was seriously strange, how something he assumed would have been part of the fun fair was so far north.

Either way, he traveled through the night, not stopping again, just searching for signs of life. Someone he could sneak up on, steal their gun, end their life, and move on. Didn't matter whether the bastard deserved it or not, they were just a means to an end. The trench-coat rustled in the evening breeze as he finally made his way to a seemingly man-made cavern just north of the house of mirrors.

"Huh, maybe there's some poor sap in here that's got somethin' I need."

It was gonna at least be dark as hell, great for sneaking up on people. And it's not like he was without good night vision, on the contrary. His night vision was absolutely stellar thanks to years of working with his father at night back before he got into this lifestyle.

And so he crept in, stashing his massively oversize trench-coat into his backpack as he went. Last thing he needed was to trip over himself and give away where he was hiding.

It didn't take long at all for the tunnel to get ridiculously dark, almost to the point where Rekka couldn't see his hand in front of his face. Jesus, you'd think the SOBs that made this place woulda' at least thought to put in a lantern or two.

Lost in his thoughts of exactly how to go about this to please his adoring fans on the other side of these cameras, Rekka completely lost track of time. Which was evidenced when he heard a very familiar voice crackle on from seemingly nowhere.

"Kids, when I first looked through the dossiers we have on you guys, I was thinking no way no how were a bunch of saps like you going to provide much of a spectacle. I'm ever so glad you've all proved me so completely wrong."

A smirk crossed his face. "Just wait." He whispered to himself just before the names actually were called. "Soon I'll be hearing my name all across the island." It was everything he could do to stifle a laugh, he was already completely giddy with excitement. Not a single name that was read made a bit of difference to him, and that honestly was gonna make what he was about to do that much easier. Upon the final announcement of the danger zones, he wiped his brow, the tunnel suddenly feeling significantly hotter than it actually was. His thoughts fell back to Dawne. Not just Dawne though, but his mind's version of what she had been. Every time he thought of her, he now saw her in some sort of era getup. Thinking back to Bayview, thinking back to the greens, he saw her in a flapper dress, or in a cloche hat, something. And even though something about this didn't quite feel right to him for whatever reason, even though he knew it had to be, it just didn't.

However, the next sound that filled the tunnels quickly made him forget that feeling.

And then he heard some... some kind of fucked up hissing sound coming from just a bit deeper in the tunnel. "What da' fuck?" He had no idea what that noise was, or who was making it, but all he knew is that the kid wasn't right if that was coming from somebody. It was almost oppressive, the sound surrounding him, constricting him, bearing down on his being. But with a morbid curiosity he crept around the corner. Was it possible for something like that to get louder? Either way it sure as hell sounded like it, and a pair of figures appeared in front of him as he rounded yet another corner in these long, twisting caverns. Nothing but silhouettes against an equally dark background, he could only identify that they were most definitely human. One of the two seemed to actually be managing to catch a little shut-eye, but the other was sitting straight up like a jackrabbit and his mouth was agape.

But even with such little light echoing through the tunnel, he could see... something on the ground. Something that as he moved just a bit closer, glinted from a stray ray of light emanating from somewhere down here. And that glint was all he needed to at least give this a shot. If that was a gun, then he had this shit.

Alright, Rekka, don't fuck this up. Everyone's watchin', you can do this.

He took a deep, silent breath, and crept forward, step by step, watching to make sure that this kid didn't turn back around on him.

Every single step which echoed only a padded plop sounded like a gunshot going off to him. But the kid didn't move and the broad didn't wake up.

Holy shit, I'm doin' it!

Only a few steps away.

Yeah, that was definitely a gun.

Almost there...

He slowly reached a hand out for the gun, lying unprotected on the ground. Inching his fingers closer and closer to the cold steel weapon, his heart raced, his mind was awash with thousands upon thousands of incoherent thoughts.


His fingers brushed across the cold steel, and he quickly jumped back with the weapon in hand, uncaring as to whether or not his first victim heard him anymore.

"Kid, I don' know who you are, but you're a godsend baby." He smirked, although his facial features were all but a shadow in this almost supernatural darkness. "You know how much time an' effort you saved me by just leaving this pretty little thing lyin' on the ground? Now I ain't gotta whack someone with these pieces o' shit." A couple of soft clangs as the shitty makeshift knives hit the ground. "And honestly, even though you've done me such a favor, you're still not a part of da' family. Looks like I gotta off ya..." He flicked his fingers over the sides of the gun, feeling for a safety...


His smirk curled into an almost sadistic grin, as he pressed the weapon into his right palm. "If ya' got any last words you wanna say, say em' now. Cause tonight? You're gonna be sleepin' with da' fishes."

Heh, yeah. That was a good one.

And he began slowly bringing the gun to bear, struck by the incredible lack of a male voice in the cavern.
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