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it was a graveyard smash
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Hours passed and yet Tim didn't sleep a wink. He didn't even nod off like Colin. He wouldn't say that he was too scared to sleep, but that lingering feeling that reeked of bad idea enticed his brain into a fully-awake state. He wouldn't be able to sleep a wink whilst on this island inhabited by killers and classmates alike. Instead, he spent ample time on staring into the fire, watching the sea rush to shore, and tracing shapes in the sand beneath him. Jacob proceeded to stay passed out for quite awhile, and Colin seemed content on keeping an eye on Jacob, so Tim occupied his time with staring and occasionally building sand castles. It helped the time pass when he wasn't focused on watching for signs of life.

But no one came. The hours passed quietly and uneventfully. Tim sighed and stared down at his gun. His defense. His ticket to living a little longer in dire situations. It was a tool that changed situations for the better and for the worst. Hell, Tim hadn't even used the thing yet, and someone was already dead over it. With a shake of his head, Tim placed the gun in the sand beside him and made sure the safety was off. He also made sure the gun was in far-reach from Jacob. He didn't want the boy to get any ideas.. It would make Tim feel terrible, as selfish as that was.

A voice scratched its way through the dull silence of crackling fire and lapping waves. Water.. Tim, just like Colin, immediately went to grab a water bottle, but Colin was a bit quicker. He handed off the water to Jacob and began to speak to him. Tim stayed quiet for a moment, merely listening, but he decided it would be best to say his piece.

Rubbing his neck, Tim said, "Yeah, I was pretty worried too. I really apologize about dragging you to shore like that. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, but.." He shook his head. The words failed him. As an after-thought, he added, "Well, I hope my sleeping bag wasn't too uncomfortable. It's pretty old. I've had it since fourth grade, and.. I guess it's better than sleeping on the sand, right?" He offered an apprehensive smile.

Colin asked a few questions, and an awkward silence sunk in. Tim added to that awkward-ness by saying a whole lot of nothing. He felt exactly the same way. What else should you say in such a situation? There wasn't much one could say that would do justice to any feeling or emotion. Tim mostly stayed quiet and decided, after a fairly long silence, that he would spend this moment eating a few bites. A growl had just emerged from the pit of his stomach, and he desperately wanted something to eat. The thought of only having enough for a short amount of time was enough to keep him from gorging on the rations like a typical teenaged boy, but he couldn't hold back the gurgling monster that was his stomach.

He pulled out a loaf of bread from his bag and broke it in half, delicately biting into the bread. It was slightly stale from the exposure, but it wasn't bad. There wasn't mold on it or any-.. Fuck. What the hell? There were small specks of mold on the underside of the bread. Was this a sick joke? Had the henchmen of that Mr. Danya planted old bread in his bag as a joke? With a shake of his head, Tim pinched the moldy parts off his food and proceeded to eat the rest with complaint. Who the hell cared about moldy bread when there were much greater things to worry and stress over?

After washing down his bread with a few gulps of water, Tim replaced the rations and motioned to the distance with his head. "If your leg feels okay, I think we should head out soon. We've been burning this fire for awhile now.. Someone has probably seen the smoke." He looked down at the small embers that remained. In just a short while, the fire would be completely out. "I know we're not exactly fully rested or anything, but.. Close enough, right? We shouldn't stay out in the open." Tim stood up to stretch, reaching down to touch his toes. He let out a loud yawn as he popped back up and stretched skyward.

He paused and examined Colin and Jacob. Shit. He was probably jumping the gun here. Who was to say that Jacob was even in any condition to move around? Maybe his leg was bad-off. What if Jacob didn't even want to tag along? Jacob could very well still be downright pissed with him. Tim quickly added, "I mean, we don't have to head out now. Just.. later.. should be in our best interests.." He muttered this, turning slightly red. He was tempted to apologize to Jacob again.

He wasn't sure how Jacob was feeling at all. Probably terrible. Probably not ready to just get up and join two strange boys he'd never met. Tim sighed and sunk back down to the sand. That awkward silence reared its ugly head once again.
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