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((Tabitha "Tabi" Gweneth continued from Peacemaker))

When she arrived at the cliffs with Ivan; Tabi Gweneth could not help but be captivated by the immense view. Of the ocean below. The waves were coarse and rolicking against each other. Splashed of white foam reaching the surface before dispersing back into the sea. As she edged towards the chain link fence she realized how high she was. It was nothing but a sheer drop down if she had slipped or if the chain link failed. Stepping backwards she shook her head, trying to clear her head of the sudden vertigo.

In her attempts to do so, a vision appeared in her periferal vision. Her head turned to look at it and she found herself gasping. There was a boy just barely hanging on to the chain link fence. His body was stiff, yet contorted in pain. Dried crusted blood had trickled down his mouth and his eyes were still open and frozen in fear.

Tabi covered her mouth to hide the horror. But her eyes still stared at his. They didnt' blink, they didn't move, they just were there. She was relieved that the name of this mystery person had escaped her this time. Still the terror of seeing yet another dead body caused a pit to well in her stomach.

She jumped suddenly when Ivan called out to her. She turned to face her companion and gave a sigh, dropping her left hand down to her breasts, balling into a fist, trying hard to not to think of what she had just seen.

"Well...I guess..." she said, stopping as her stomach began to groan.

It had been a long time since the two of them had eaten, now that she had thought about it. Not since last night, before she had gone to sleep and Ivan took watch. Something he vehemently stated that he would do. Once again, hunger had taken a hold. It was something that she had struggled with over the time that they had spent here. They rationed their food well enough but it didn't stop her from feeling the hunger pangs.

"I guess we should..." she began, sneezing yet again, "I guess we should eat something and then...I dunno..."

The plan trailed from her mind as her fist unclenched and her left hand moved back to wrapping itself around her right arm. What would they do after that? All they had done so far is run. Run away from everything and everyone. If they didn't run, they would hide. What else could they do.

Dropping to her knees, Tabi slid the backpack off and unzipped it. Digging inside it, she still found a loaf and a half of bread still left. Digging the half loaf out, she ripped off a piece and began to nibble on it. It was already growing stale, but it was the only real sustinace that they had. It would have to do.

She eventually sat down on the grass, feeling the touch of water from the morning dew touch her bare skin. Looking up to Ivan, Tabi forced a smile and gingerly lifted the bread up to him.

"Here, take some of mine..."
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