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Shit, shit shit!

Jimmy hit the dirt with a thud and stayed there, trying his best to not make any more noises. A flashlight beam illuminated the ground around him, (And quite possibly himself, although Jimmy wasn't about to look and see) and a somewhat... strange voice announced they'd located Jimmy. He felt himself beginning to sweat. His plans had pretty much been dashed as soon as he'd thought them out.

Well fuck them! I'm not gonna' walk out, act all friendly! Look what happened last time! Fucking Franco, just making fun of me! And Leila! And those boys' all given a fucking handgun- WHAT THE FUCK DANYA. WHY. Why did I get a can of soda? Am I supposed to kill'em with soda!? Fuck them! Fuck you! You probably just want me to play, you want me to fail, you- you- RGGHHHH!

Jimmy pounded his fist into the ground as the flashlight beam finally hovered away. He had no idea if he'd given himself up. He had no idea if the boy (He was very certain it was a boy) was just bluffing. But he WAS certain of what he was going to do. He wasn't going to move, not another inch. Not even if someone was shooting up the place, he'd just lay low, wait until it's all done. He wasn't afraid to die, he wasn't afraid to kill.

I'm not afraid! I'll do it if I have to! I've gotta win this game, I can make it! I can! These assholes, they don't mean shit to me! So why should it matter? I've just been Jimmy Brennan, a fucking annoying little shit to them! Why should I give them any- any sympathy? I'm not gonna! I deserve to live, not them!

On a further inspection, Jimmy realized he was very afraid to die. There was more talking in the clearing. By the sound of things, another person had joined the party. Another boy. Jimmy felt his hands ball into fists. A low growl emanated from his throat.

I probably don't even know him, and he probably fucking hates me. Word of mouth. How's that fair? How is this fair? I haven't done anything wrong. I'm the good guy! They won't believe me! That's just it! It's go time Jimmy, become an animal! No fear, no feeling! Go go go, let the adrenaline and God knows what else take you...

Taking a deep breath, Jimmy peaked his head out to scan the area. He couldn't see much of anything in the dark, and he wasn't even sure if the group was still there or had left. His suspicions were starting to get the better of him. Paranoia soaked into his mind, infecting his thoughts.

Maybe they're looking for me...

Jimmy shook at the idea, trying hard to push back his fear. He couldn't be afraid, or cry, or anything. He'd been mocked by just about everyone, and he was sick of it. He had ALWAYS been sick of it. No one had understood, but he WAS changing. Gradually. He wasn't taking it laying down anymore. The altercation in the forest, the mountain, a week ago Jimmy would never have imagined he could have possibly survived that, survived this far in Survival of the Fittest. Not with Bayview. But lo and behold here he was, still alive, only a cut foot holding him back. Back home, they must have been impressed. And he was determined to keep up the good work. Fear didn't belong with Jimmy Brennan, not anymore.

If they're coming for me, I'm gonna slit their god damn throats. I'll jump up, an' haymaker the first guy. He'll have a knife and I'll grab it, spin and just like- BAM! Straight into the head of the next one. That's what I'll do. They won't expect that. They'll- they won't expect anything from me! And I'll prove them wrong! I'm not a nobody, I'll show Leila! I'm hardcore and when I see those fuckheads at the mountain, shiiiiit they'll see a brand new Jimmy! I got a plan now! I'm not gonna die, I'm not afraid!

In the back of his mind, Jimmy was very, very afraid. But he wasn't going to listen to anything anymore, not even his doubts. They'd never helped before and they wouldn't help now. It was just Jimmy now. Jimmy Brennan, his balls and his fists. And he was going to impress.

Come'on! Come looking for me! I'll show you what I got! I'll fucking kill you all!
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