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Rashid nodded as Harun finished explaining his 'plan' for the next few hours, generally looking down at the ground himself. He couldn't get himself to think up his own plan to try to get one over on Harun or at least do so in a way that he wouldn't end up dying quickly and painlessly. As the two started to walk out, he decided to follow Harun's advice and look for a place to go on his own map. He craned his head to look at his bag, seething as the pain from his jaw made its way down his neck, then reached to open the pack, exposing its contents.

He briefly eyed the half-consumed bottle of pills, tucked away just to the top of the bag. He didn't feel particularly regretful about them, at least not for the time being. Of course that didn't mean he wanted to feel regretful by giving it anything more than a brief glance, and he began rustling in his bag, past the partially-eaten supplies, first aid kit and cheaply-printed 'instructions' (which had passed for toilet paper now that he memorized them) before finding the map.

The map wasn't terribly detailed, in fact it looked like more of an illustration with a vaguely-accurate north-pointing arrow. There was just enough light out that Rashid could get a vague idea of where he was...in the middle of the woods. Judging from the 'structures' to either side, pretty much any way was 'out' unless they ended up going in circles.

"Just keep going straight whichever way we're going, we should come out somewhere," Rashid said before rubbing his mangled jaw again.

((Rashid Hassan continued elsewhere))

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