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((Ethan Kent continued from What Are Little Girls Made Of? ))

Ethan hummed a tune as they carefully descended down the mountain. They had been woken up by the horrible screeching of the announcements. More people were dead, more people had killed, but Ethan wasn’t paying particular attention to what the voice had said. He was mostly still groggy from waking up.

Would it kill these guys to make the announcements a little later? Like maybe around noon so I would be cognizant enough to register what hell they’re saying?

Going down the mountain opposite way they had come up, Ethan and Feo had spotted a small looking house in the distance. The map revealed it to be a ranger station and figuring they had nothing better to do, they decided to go take a look. Once down the hill it was only a short walk to the little house.

Ethan pulled out his inhaler and pushed down on the plunger, breathing deeply. He readjusted their two bags on his shoulders and walked towards the lone house. A little ways off a rusted bicycle with a slashed tire lay forgotten in the dirt.

I’ll come back and get it once I put these bags down. It looks easy to break and if I dismantle it, then we’d have metal, rusty, pointy sticks instead of wooden, regular pointy sticks. Yeahhhh, upgrade.

“Let’s check it out?”
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