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((Quick post before Solomir's.))

Eiko spent the entire altercation on her stomach. After she dropped, she looked up out of a morbid curiosity to see how things were going. Bradley's bullet struck the other boy in the stomach, which tipped him off the deep end and caused him to fire his gun at her. Wait, what was he doing.

Oh no. Oh no. He was shooting at Eiko! At her! Why was he shooting at her? WHY?

It was to Eiko's infinite fortune that he aimed wildly, his bullets whizzing over her back. She swore on her ancestors' graves that she felt the air above her being shoved into her back by being the nearly supersonic rounds.

Her mind raced and her body froze as she tried to understand why the boy would do this. She heard him warn Peter, which made no sense! Did he think that she was about to attack Peter? How could this idiot not have inferred that she was traveling with him from the fact that she had entered the greens at the same time as him from the same direction.

Fortunately, Peter was as enraged by the act of aggression as Eiko was, rushing forward and slashing at Peter with his sword. She didn't know how well he handled himself considering the circumstances, both because she hadn't studied swordplay for a long time and because she was scared out of her mind by the blood Peter was spilling.

Thus began another stage of Eiko's adjustment to the game. She'd seen the video where the Rizzolo boy tortured his girlfriend. She'd felt the tense atmosphere of the game in the mansion, when Peter engaged in a standoff with Kuiper. She'd even seen the odd corpse or two as she marched around the island with Peter, though she did her best to keep her distance from them. But this was the first time she actually saw a death in progress.

Peter's rage let him dominate the other boy effortlessly, quickly having him on his feet and ready for the killing blow. He talked about how much he hated murderers, preparing to deal the killing blow. She psyched herself up to watch it, knowing that in order to get off this place, she'd most likely have to sit through someone's death.

She couldn't do it. Right before Peter pulled his sword across the boy's throat, she turned her head away and averted her eyes, unable to look at the buckets of blood gushing from the body in torrents. She curled up into a ball, facing away, realizing that Peter had just saved her life. She took back everything negative that she thought about him, every urge to exploit and kill him at the first opportunity. He handled the situation with the boy and Bradley flawlessly.

Wait, what happened with Bradley?

She stood up, careful not to look at Peter, and searched for Bradley. She had a part in this too! She fired the first shot and made the boy go berserk. And there she was, looking around for useful comestibles like she didn't just try to kill the boy in cold blood.

"Hey!" Eiko frowned and shouted, trying to get her attention. "What were you thinking? Why are you talking about lessons and shooting at him. He didn't do anything! Nothing!"

Bradley didn't pay attention to her at all. She just picked something off a girl's body and started walking off. Eiko stomped after her, stoking her fury at Bradley's thoughtlessness. "Are you completely out of your mind?" she yelled. "COME BACK HERE!" She stopped and screamed her loudest at the rapidly retreating girl, releasing the accumulated anger and frustration of three days in hell.


She leaned forward and rested her hands on her thighs, hyperventilating and bugging out her eyes as she tried to recover from losing her control. Her parents would have never, ever approved of that display in any other circumstance besides this. What would they say? What would they think?

Finally, she lowered herself down to the ground, parking her rear on the grass and leaning forward. She never wanted to experience anything like this again. The problem was, she knew she would inevitably have to.
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