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((Sorry about the short, crap-tacular post.))

Simon just stared at the snob Milo Taylor (That's who suit-boy was) as he slowly went into oblivion.

"Hey! Let me ride away into the sunset on your glistening back and fly away from Mecha-Bigfoot!" he yelled to Jessica and Alex, who were both leaving the scene as Simon turned towards them. Funny thing: now that he recognized Milo as the jackass that thought himself as being better than everyone (Huh. Kinda like Cartman), the whole being shot in the crotch with a tranquilizer dart now seemed pretty funny.

"Mommy? Daddy? Sasquatch? Why is the world all spinny and magnets?" Those were Milo's last words before he fell blissfully asleep. Simon just turned to Rob as Simon remembered his "weapon."

"Dude, that was just hilarious. I gotta go. You can follow me if you want, but he has to stay. I say no to drugs," Simon walked off with his best attempt at a joke, remembering the incredible gamble he was taking by hoping that his key in his jeans led to something useful.

((Simon Telamon continued in Living in the Aftermath))
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