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[[Vivien Morin adopted & continued from Wants and Needs~]]

Vivien pouted.

He'd been doing that a lot, lately.

Two full days. That's how long he'd been alone. Two full days, 48 hours- more than that, really. He'd been alone since he'd picked up that imbecile Jonathon Jarocki's gun and wandered off from the cute little town he'd woken up in. He had no idea what time it had been when he woke up originally, and had no way of knowing, but he figured it had been nearly three days now. Of course, he didn't need protection anymore- beautiful, charming and well-armed was a fantastic conversation, both in reality TV and in reality itself. But he'd had a plan...sort of. His plan was essentially- find his girls. And...well, that was it. He didn't particularly want to start another Poison Angels (he had watched Version 3, and he found himself admiring their feminine wiles)- as entertaining as they had been, he felt as though running around murdering boys was a bit...unbecoming.

Besides, what if there were cute boys? There were a few of those running around Bayview, there had to be a few running around the island...

So Vivien had wandered, and wandered, and wandered some more to absolutely no avail. It seemed inconceivable that he'd run into exactly no one when there had to be at least two-hundred-something kids here. But there was nothing, or at least not much. He'd seem some kids, but no one he recognized, or at least no one he trusted enough to reveal himself to. He was sure anyone who saw him would recognize him- he was the Queen of Bayview, after all- but whether they would welcome him was another story.

He'd been doing pretty well, as far as we was concerned. He slept every night- outdoors, admittedly, and Vivien hoped and hoped he'd locate a bed sometime soon- but that was certainly better than not sleeping at all. He hadn't gone through much of his rations, as he was used to not eating much- if nothing else I certainly won't be gaining any weight any time soon. He was maybe not happy, but he was certainly surviving. He hadn't gone far, though- his heavy pink duffel bag prevented him from going far. Of course, there was no way Vivien Morin would ever ditch a bag full of gorgeous clothes, unless his life depended on it. He changed clothes every morning, as Danya made his announcements- cameras be damned. There was way less shame in nudity than there was in repetition.

He did listen to every announcement, of course, and he took quick mental notice of the important ones. Maxwell Lombardi, the cute English boy from prom- he'd apparently killed a lot of people. Always the cute ones that snap, isn't it? Sad how it always works out that way... Reiko was a multi-murderer at this point as well. Aislyn and Felicia and Sammy were okay, at least, but...

But nothing. People were dead, yeah, but this was Survival of the Fittest. He wasn't dead, and that was the trick, no?

Vivien finished dressing, repacked his bag. The dress he'd discovered (and forgot he'd packed, apparently) was reminiscent of his prom dress, and the memories came pouring back...

No more reminiscing, Viv. Sadly it seems that you'll never get to be quite that gorgeous again...

He could try, though. He stopped dead, unpacking his compact, his mascara, his hairbrush, using the water from his rations to wash the scrappy remains of makeup from his face and expertly reapplying. He fixed his hair, brushing it perfectly into position. He looked in the mirror, critically.

...You're a heartbreaker, sweetheart, really, you are.

Now. Off to find some hearts...

Vivien began to move again, slowly-slowly- it wouldn't do for him to break the gorgeous red pumps he was wearing, after all. He was sidelined, though, by something blue. Not the sky this time, no- the sea. He'd wandered quite near the cliffs the night before, though he hadn't noticed in the dark. Now that the sun had risen, though, the pink light of sunrise played on the water, and he found himself drawn as though by a magnet to the cliff's edge.

Beautiful scenery and a beautiful me...this is perfection, really.

He sat, his feet dangling over the cliff's edge, his toes curled tight-

This was nice and everything, but he'd be mighty pissed if he lost these pumps to the ocean.
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