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Ericka lowered her weapon for a moment when Lucas got hit. Relief swept over her, the guy had been looking for trouble and the only reason he lowered his weapon was probably because he noticed he was surrounded.

Then he started to get up and the relief was replaced by terror. For a moment she was frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights, she stood in stunned silence while Lucas began to take aim.

His first shot by a wide margin, but the sound of his gun firing shook Ericka back to attention. She ran behind a tree for cover. There was a pause in the gunfire, and Ericka peeked out from behind the tree to assess the situation. Lucas was aiming for the girl that Peter appeared to be traveling with and Peter moved to protect her. His sword was swung down towards Lucas' neck.

Now it was really over. Peter may or may not have realized it, but he had helped Ericka out as much as he helped his friend over there. And she was grateful, but it probably wouldn't be safe to stick around and thank him so she grabbed her bags and cautiously made her way out of the area.


On her way out Ericka decided to make one quick scan for her original goal; corpses that might have something worth taking. They'd probably have been stripped clean of anything useful by now, but it didn't hurt to check. She came across the tennis court, and Dawne's corpse. Searching Dawne's bag, Ericka was glad she had decided to continue scavenging. A holster for a gun was at the bottom of the bag. Some people might not have been so excited to find the holster instead of a weapon, but for Ericka, whose pocket-less outfit made it difficult to handle multiple weapons, the holster was a minor godsend.

The holster was the kind that attached to the thigh with nylon straps. After fastening the holster to her right leg, she checked to see how her gun fit in it. Ericka stuffed about three of Dawne's unopened water bottles into her own bag and left the area.

((Ericka Bradley continued The Cloud Minders))
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