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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Ivan Kuznetsov continued from Peacemaker))

No place on the island would ever truly be safe, not from the sickening rules and twists of the game. Two souls on the island, trying to run from the spirit of violence that had consumed so many, had found a small bit of protection in a patch of woods that had kept them safe for an entire day. Almost as if in response to their attempts of survival, the next batch of announcements, complete with that jovial yet cruel voice, had lifted off the roof of their home and forced them to run again. The collars dictated their lives; they were marks of slavery... slaves to the will of the terrorists and of the game.

Life had become trivialized and turned into a sport, where defeat quite plainly meant death. The only connection to the outside world came in the form of cameras, where anybody with a television set could watch their plight. That concept had never left Ivan's mind. Everything that happened in that room, with the blood of their slain teachers washing the floor and that man announcing what was going to happen to all of them, none of that would ever leave, even if he had happened to survive this... which he wouldn't.

As Ivan and Tabi neared the far southern reaches of the island, the scent of the salty breeze greeted them both once more. Such a smell brought Ivan back to where he had awoken on the island, and the promises he had made to himself in order to make him content. He remembered... before anybody had bothered him, he had resigned himself to a peaceful death, watching the waves roll in and out. He thought the naiive thought that the game probably couldn't last more than a day, and then everybody would all die at the same time just as they had lived... a single class of students, all close with one another.

So when the two reached the edge of the cliffs, only to have the expected and endless expanse of ocean before them, the rising sun was nothing but an ill omen. It was nothing more than a reminder that another day filled with killing and dying awaited everybody on the island, threatening to stain the rocks red with blood much like the sunrise was painting them now.

"... So, now what do we do?" Ivan asked simply, staring ahead while setting down his bag. The umbrella that he once had as his faithful 'weapon had now been tucked away safely inside his daypack, and the shotgun took its place as the object held in Ivan's left hand. He looked to Tabi for the answer, wanting to know what she wanted to do.
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