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So... Many... Voices...

So... Much... Confusion...

An argument going on inside of her head. Had she gone so insane that she could no longer control her thoughts? One of the voices sounded familiar, but if she could just... Get a moment of silence...

Shut UP!

The voices stopped, seemingly for a second. Maybe they would go away forever...

Thinkthinkthinkthinkcome on! Still from her curled up position on the cold and unforgiving ground, her mind raced with an attempt for recognition of any; ANY of these voices. She couldn't place them to anyone. Anyone at all.


"...The life of another had to be given so that you could understand... And this is the price you will pay... The burden that will hold on your shoulders for the rest of your days..."


"See? I knew you were a smart girl."

Her eyes shot wide open in shock and horror. That... dream? Vision? It was coming back to haunt her, already. She knew she would see their faces in her sleep, but to feel that torment even during the day? She literally had a physical manifestation of her conscience in her head! Either that or she was possessed... Or something. Her fear managed to force a tear from her eye as she began to dread the next few days. She could never be alone again. She would never be alone again. A sob choked up in her throat, but through sheer force of will she managed to suppress it. However the whisper that escaped her lips next she couldn't have stopped no matter how much she wanted, no matter how much she tried. "I just... I just want to be alone..."

The voices were faint, but they were distinct. Her vision began to fade with her eyes wide open, and she was fully expecting to pass onto the other side right there in that moment.

If only she could have been that lucky.

Darkness consumed her sight, leaving her with nothing but her own thoughts. She could not see, nor feel her body's actions, and she could still hear those voices so far away.

Yet in the real world, a girls eyes opened with a new fire, a new resolution. She quickly stood, turning her head towards the morons who were still playing cowboys down on that ledge, and a soft sigh escaped her lips, annoyance painting her face. The only trace of the fear that she felt was in the form of a single dried tear upon her cheek. "They won't listen... They aren't going to listen. There's only so much time. Need to make up for her mistake..."

She spun on her heel and began to walk straight for the small path that led her to this perch on the mountain. The hacksaw laced through one of her belt loops, and her backpack dangling from her hand, she began to walk the treacherous climb down.

"Why don't you just run up to the cell phone tower and jump?" She could almost feel the shrug that the other voice was exuding, even though her own shoulders held still. The feeling sent a shiver down her spine. "Cut your losses and stop her from ever hurting anyone again."

"She's better than that, and you and I both know that." Her feet never stopped moving as she seemed to just stroll away from the scene as if nothing had happened. As if there had been no shout, no tears, no sadness, no fear.

In the darkness, in the solitude, with that nagging sound buzzing around her ear, a single word turned into a single thought. "Am I even me anymore?"

((Jaquard Broughten continued in Shore Leave.))
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