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Ethan sat down on the blanket next to her. It was an especially beautiful night. Normally you couldn’t see the sky so clearly because of the light pollution from the city, but here everything was clear.

“My last name? My name’s Ethan Kent,” he said. It felt odd to say one’s own full name. It was like he was at school being asked something official. “It’s a pretty boring name. There are plenty of Kents around.”

He put an arm around her and looked up. Mixed in his fuzzy happy feeling was dread that was starting to weigh down on him like an anvil. Before all he had to worry about was himself.

“Feo Eleri Terrível,” he repeated, butchering the name with an American accent. “I think it sounds nice. I’d never know what it means, but it sounds cool. Bet there aren’t many of those. You’re probably the only one.”

Hu, this place will kill the only Feo Eleri.

“The sun’s going to be up soon. We should get some rest.”

((Ethan Kent continued in The House of the Rising Sun ))
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