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As Bill walked away, Quincy eyed him warily, making sure that he wasn't going to try and pull a fast one. Once he was certain that Bill was well away and not coming back, he turned to where Tiffany was hiding. "It's OK. He's gone. I'm coming down."

He wondered briefly about the fourth person on the mountainside, the girl who had been shouting about not killing. Was she right, was he going to feel guilty over what he had done to that boy? He wasn't feeling anything so far. The guy was in his way, he took him down. That was the mentality that you needed if you were going to survive on this island, wasn't it?

Quince clambered down the incline, trying his best to maintain balance. This meant that much of his grace was gone, but he did make it down without stumbling or falling. Once he got to the bottom, he made his way to Tiffany's rock. "Sorry I had to go like that. But everything worked out. Are you ok?"
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