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Much movement later, Stacy was on top of him. She commented about the nature of her position and the fact that he was, probably, enjoying it.

Well, not a lie, really. It was...okay?

Stacy spoke again, commenting on something that Brendan wasn't really sure put her in the right state of mind for something like this.

"You know, you're actually kind of cute."

Brendan couldn't help let out a small laugh at this. It had to be, in the history of man, one of the most inopportune placed comments ever. Really, he went through his whole life with a self-loathing, and now, on the brink of death, another goth girl tells him he's cute?

"Um...thanks, I, suppose?"

That was all Brendan could let out before a shirt was placed over his face. The main feeling he was feeling now was...confusion. Why on earth was this girl giving him all her clothes?

"The less you see, the better. It'll hurt, but hopefully your wound is numb by now."

Oh right, stitching, leg bleeding, all that jazz.

Man, he must have lost a lot of blood over the day, his thoughts were becoming more and more disjointed.

Through the small amount of light that made it through the fabric covering his face, he could hear something. A lighter. Crap, they weren't gonna cauterize it, or whatever it was called? No no no no that couldn't happen! He wasn't gonna have someone burning his skin off! That was just...well, freaking insane!

But as he made out a shape hunched through the shirt over his face, looking around the goth girl sitting on his waist, he realized that she wasn't gonna light his leg on fire. Good thing too. He rather liked it non-burnt. No, it looked like she was lighting something small on fire. Rather than question the situation any more than he had, he leaned back, made sure he really couldn't see, and awaited the pain of stiches.

He'd never really been injured that badly before, really. He'd broken his ankle once, but that was it. He'd only had a cast put on his foot, and weeks, or months later, he'd gotten better. Nothing else really sprung to mind as he lay there, awaiting the pain that was to come.

The pain apparently was taking a while, but he could have sworn he heard something in the background. It wasn't that person, or that shape, from before was it? If they got them now, it would be all over, wouldn't it? Nothing to stop them from just blasting them off the island, 3 more souls to the call.

Suddenly, in mid-thought, he felt the small Asian girl's hand grasp his leg, and the pain truly entered his body once again.

It couldn't and it shouldn't have been worse than before, since his wound had gone slightly numb. But the experience of a hot needle entering the body was by no means something one could laugh off so easily. It burnt. It really fucking burnt, and not just because of the heat that the small metal needle was producing. He'd never gotten close to the concept of sewing the skin back together with a needle and thread like it was some sort of stuffed animal that needed a rework. It wasn't so much it entering his wound that hurt, it was the stinging that proceded it. It was all Brendan could do to stop himself from kicking Sarah, the mistress of his pain. Instead, he clenched the shirt in his mouth by his teeth, and made an almighty noise through the fabric.


There was nothing in the world that could have stopped him from accidentally jolting his leg up once the next insertion was made. He realised, once the girl's solid grip left his foot, that she hadn't taken the needle with her when she let go. He realised too late that the needle was stuck in his skin. The panic that could have been seen on his face when he realized his idiocy, and froze.

That was stupid. Real smart, Brendan. If you just....stay....still, then she'll get it out.

Brendan stayed still for a long time, until he felt her start again. The normal stinging sensation continued, and then, almost as quick as it began, he felt his skin pulled tight, and the stitching stopped. A quick stinging sensation later, he registered familiarly as iodine on his open wound, it was over.

See? It wasn't really that bad, was it?....Yeah, it was, it really was, who am I kidding?

Unclenching his teeth from the shirt, he removed it from his face and looked at the damage.

It was like he'd slipped into someone else's body, seeing his own flesh and blood tied up like that in a neat little bow. Before he knew it, bandages were being applied, and he fell back relieved onto the ground.

Looking back to where he thought he originally saw someone through an upside-down world, he registered movement again. Stacy called out to whoever it was, but the figure got closer.

Curling his lip, he tried to squint through the fire's light at the outline. Hmm, they looked really familiar. 3 days of living on nothing but the basics had drained his ability to quickly recall even the most familiar of the memory's shapes, but...

...man, he's tall, isn't he? And is that a ponyta-

The figure got closer, and the moon and the firelight fully lit up his face.


Almost instantly, he spun his head around so that he could see the person through the right degree of vision.

And it was as though his heart was plunged back into his stomach, because the moment he saw the figure fall onto his knees, he was up. Sarah hadn't finished bandaging his leg, Stacy no longer weighing down his waist, and he had even had his own doubts about who they were only mere moments before. But it was...it was indescribable. He was there.

Everything's going to be okay now. He's here, he'll be here, he'll...

As much as the words didn't mean anything to his narrative, he couldn't say anything with his real voice. All he could do was throw his arms around the kneeling figure, who only moments before had seen him on the ground as he was at his weakest and stopped. If there was a soundtrack to his life right now, it would have the sweetest sound in the world.

And the waterworks truly began to flow, without him even realising it was happening, as he buried his head in Erik's neck, his grasp so tight that he could have cut off his head.

"Oh god," Brendan muffled through Erik's skin, as he stood there on his knees, clasping Erik like he was the gift of life itself. "Erik you're okay! You're...you're...."

What did the cameras matter to him now? Everyone in the world, all his old friends, his family, the people he left behind would have been shocked, but nothing mattered anymore except the fact that the one person he loved the most in the world at the moment was there, right there in his arms.

Everything could only get better from there.
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