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The faceless fear
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((Light GMing of Stacy with permission from Zabriel))

"Stacy, if you could angle so you're directly above his pelvis, that would be best. We want to staunch bloodflow to the leg, so put some weight into it. Lift his leg up a bit more... yes... Just there." Sarah called out as she pulled various items for the operation out of her kit.

Sarah smiled as bleeding seemed to slow. She had a pretty shaky grasp anatomy as it was, but she figured that if she could staunch the bloodflow to Brendan's leg, it would be best. She moved over to Brendan and put a T-shirt over his face.

"The less you see, the better. It'll hurt, but hopefully your wound is numb by now." she said, pouring more water over the wound from yet another of her bottles, flushing as much blood out of it as she could.

Once the wound was slightly clear, she cleaned it again, rubbing iodine over the open mouths of the cut. It seemed that the bandage did a fairly good job of protecting Brendan from infection, for all it didn't do to stop the bleeding. She pulled the curved needle out of the box, using the provided lighter to heat it up and kill the germs.

30 seconds... 40 seconds... the needle was getting pretty hot in her fingers... 50 seconds... 60 seconds... She whimpered... 90 seconds... She put down the lighter, taking a shaky breath and letting it out again. As she threaded the needle, Sarah noticed a small red burn on her fingers where she held it.

She closed her eyes for a moment and trying not to throw up. She brought the needle down, puncturing one side of Brendan's open wound, passing it through the mess and gore to the other side, poking the needle through the other lip of the wound. She winced and pulled the thread tight, knotting it as tightly as she could, then cutting the thread, just as her father showed her.

All she could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat, pounding in her ears as she continued the surgery.

The leg shook violently, a quick jerk upwards, as Sarah started to make the third insertion. She immediately let go of the needle. Once the leg was still again, Sarah passed the needle to the other side of the wound, tying the stitch up tightly. Blood oozed out from beween the three stitches. Sarah cleaned it off with an iodine soaked cotton bud, then put a pad on it to soak up any excess.

She started to bandage the leg.
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