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Like Harun, Rashid also seemed to like the idea getting out of this area. It wasn't exactly tranquil or peaceful, the ground was muddy and uncomfortable, and there was a pretty bad memory associated with the place that Harun wanted to put behind them. Hell, even the shade the tree-tops offered looked patchy at best.

And so, grabbing onto a few bumps and grooves in the nearby tree for support, Harun climbed to his feet, stretched his limbs and let out a yawn. Rubbing an itchy area behind his left ear and pulling his bag (which he was still unaware was filled with crushed crackers and torn, leaking bags of soup) back up his shoulders, he turned to Rashid, absentmindedly motioning to him to get upright too.

"Well....I guess we'll get out of here first, find somewhere to rest. We'll look at those maps we got there. Can't be arsed to take mine out now." Harun could do with a little rest; he was getting exhausted. His eyelids were becoming heavy and that tussle he'd just been in had used up even more energy. "Then, from there..." A pause to sigh. "I dunno. Wander about aimlessly until we meet someone we know who doesn't wanna kill us, I dunno." He shrugged, weakly kicking some uninteresting, insignificant pebbles on the floor in boredom.

Having decided against procrastinating any further, he turned around and began walking away from the small clearing, dragging his feet and kicking up dirt as he did so. "Well, let's go." Briefly turning his head to check Rashid was behind him, he set out.

((Harun Kemal continued in Gypsy Rap.))
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