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Can you hear me?
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Drop your weapon. No, you drop it.

That was essentially what the conversation had devolved into.

Spiky Head seemed to tense up even more, even calling the crowbar a rock, of all things. It was clear that she was out of her mind, waving the gun around like it was no one's business, pointing it at the other girl. The girl complied, placing the metal object on the ground.

But, that's when Chase had a revelation.

Everyone here was probably out of their minds. Not just Marty, Spiky Head, strawberries and cream hair, or Retro guy, but literally close to everyone on this island was some kind of nutjob or another. Sanity had become a forgotten word a long time ago. Of course it would, that's what Danya wanted. It wasn't as if people would be friendly to one another, or at least civil. People wanted to win. People wanted to live. That meant losing your mind and killing.

So, every single person here had a good chance of being a psychopath that would kill. Hell, good chance? An almost definite chance. She looked down at Marty. He seemed to be calmly resting, who's to say that if he woke up, he would attack someone? She knew how much of a spaz he could be at school, and how much he freaked out just at a question. He probably would attack someone if given the chance. It wasn't like he had a reason to keep her around, did he?

Chase couldn't help but sigh, watching the scene in front of her. It still seemed like some sort of bizarre movie, about kicking over tents and such.

But soon, it ended. People were running off. And Chase had to make another choice.

Spiky Head had invited her over. Retro Guy had taken Marty off, in tears after seeing him alive. Strawberries and cream hair soon ran after them.

She saw the scene at the beach. She saw what Spiky Head and Strawberries and Cream were capable of. She saw what weapons they had. But she had no clue what to do now.

But there had to be a choice.

Wait... she could remember the look on Marty's face. That wasn't insanity, that was fear, was it? He was scared of those two... oh god. What if they were going to do something to him? They already knocked him unconscious, they could flat out kill him.

But, she made her choice once more.

She was going to do the right thing, even if all of them were messed up in the membrane.

Chase went to her bag and lifted it up over her shoulder. She was going to follow them, even if it meant her death. There was no where else for her to go. Plus, Marty was probably close to death.

Besides. She refused to join in on the madness. Just like how she had repeatedly told herself that she refused to die here. Come to think of it, she probably looked just as insane as well.

And so, Anna Chase followed them, hoping that Marty was alright.

((Anna Chase continued in Wind In The Willows. Thread is closed))

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