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Time to Spare
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(Sorry, skipping to get out of dangerzone cause yeah.)

Well, she was alive.

That was really the only good thing that came out of this new endeavor of hers. That new kid, crying about Marty this and Marty that, gathered the unconscious kid and just ran off, giving a sort of invite to the rest of the people gathered around here to meet up. And then the bitch with the gun came up to her and took that damn crowbar away. Michelle said nothing, just scowled as her only weapon was taken away from her. She then ran off as well, following the new kid and also tossing off some sort of passive-aggressive invite.

Of course she was going to follow along. If she still had her crowbar, sure, she might have just gone somewhere else, but there was no way in hell she was going to go back to being alone with even a weapon. She grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, running after the gun chick to whatever their new destination would be. She'd find a way to get her crowbar back, no problem. Maybe even get one of those guns too. She'd find a way.

It was a minor setback but hey, she was still alive.

(( Michelle O'Cain continued elsewhere. ))
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