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((Skipping to get the hell outta here))

It all went according to plan.

The original plan, anyway, where no one died. If that girl hadn't given up her crowbar, Aston would have shot, no matter how she would have lost all her allies. Well, could she really call them allies if she didn't even care about their wellbeing that much.

The other boy must have been his friend, cause the moment the girl dropped her bludgeon, he went in and picked him up, pulled him over his shoulders, and carried him out of there. Using this opportunity, Aston strolled up, gun still at the ready, to Michelle, scooped down in the sand and picked up her crowbar. Examining it from various angles, she smiled a weak smile.

"I suppose you won't be needing this anymore, seeing as how you're not gonna be dragged up for manslaughter anymore," Aston commented, before scanning the area.

She had to follow the two guys that just left. If she didn't have anyone to travel with, then her life would simply be a lot shorter if anyone playing found her.

Running over to the water, she grabbed the bag that was carressed by the waves and slung it over her gunslinging shoulder. She would have brought the tent as well, but the wind had long since pushed it down the beach towards the cliffs. It wasn't of any use to anyone anyway, was it?

Aston headed towards the direction the rockhead had started off towards, before turning around and, still walking in that direction, spoke to the two remaining girls.

"I personally don't give a crap if you come," Aston sneered towards the multi-colour haired girl, before switching her glance to the goth chick "But you can come if you want. None of us are playing, at least as far as I know."

Turning around again, she ran after the tracks the boy made in the sand and the grass.

"I'm coming whether you like it or not!"

((Aston Bennett continues in Wind in the Willow))
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