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Joshua's aim trembled as he tried to keep the sights of his crossbow pistol aimed at Michelle's head. A thousand thoughts where rushing through his head at that particular moment... Was Marty dead? Why had this girl decided to whack him over the head with a freakin' crowbar? Was it too late to do anything about it?

And most of all, if Marty WAS dead, should he pull the trigger and the crowbar-wielding girl's life right here and now?

She's clearly a liability! I mean, DUDE! What kind of person hits a guy over the head with a goddamn crowbar Freeman style?!? If you let her go, she'll just go off an kill more people. People like Daniel, and Everett, and Marty an... an...... Oh fuck man, what the hell am I saying? I'm not a murderer, I don't have to stoop to their level! Its this game man... This fuckin' game. It turns good people into merciless killers, like Maria Graham, and Sarah Atwall, and even friggin' Colin Falcone! COLING FREAKING FALCONE KILLED SOMEONE! THATS how fucked up this game is, man......

Thankfully, things didn't quite go to hell within the next few moments. Some girl with Spikey hair started aiming her own gun at Michelle, prompting her to drop her crowbar to the ground. Relieved that he wouldn't have to keep threatening her anymore, Joshua lowered his gun as well and listened to the cute chick right next to him. She definitely had the right idea, trying to calm everything down rather then exacerbate things. That exactly what he should have been doing, rather then waving his gun around like a cowboy...

Jesus, I should be more careful next time. If that gun went off, who knows who it could have... Wait, oh god, MARTY!

He ran over to where Marty was laying on the ground alongside Chase and started looking all over him, trying to figure out if he was okay.

"Jesus Christ, Marty? You okay man?!? Speak to me! Don't you freakin' die on me man, not after all I went through to find you..."

It took a while, but he eventually figured out judging by the pulse in his neck that Marty was in fact unconscious as opposed to stone dead.

"Oh thank god... He's alive! Unconscious as a rock sure, but damnit he's still okay!"

More tears began to swell on the big lug's face. Not tears of sadness or anger like before, but tears of joy as he realised that he'd more or less managed to complete his self-imposed quest. He'd actually done it! He found Marty, alive and well!

Okay, maybe not well. But close enough! Now all he had to do was get him to somewhere safe...

"Hold on Marty, I'll get you out of here..." he said as he picked up the small boy and slung him over his shoulders. He was SLIGHTLY heavy, but giving his weight compared to Joshua's size it wasn't that hard to carry him around. He moved away from the others, turning back once to say "Uh, you can tag along if any of you want... There's a lot of questions I wanna ask and stuff. But no time for that, gotta get Marty somewhere safe..."

And on that note, the tall student left with his unconscious best friend slung over his back.

((Joshua Krakowski and Marty J. Lovett continued in Wind in the Willow))
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