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are you upset?
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"Uh.. yeah, it is," Gracie said, edging her gun slightly away from Flamer. And before you ask, no, you can't have it-- I don't care if your poopshoot is starting to feel empty, you're not gonna get it. And honestly, he had that freakin' kitchen knife on steroids, there was no need for her to even think about handing her baby over. Not to mention that close call with the freakin' self appointed Queen of Sheba. She was smarter than that, smarter than the Tweedles in front of her anyway.

"Oh God, you're a lifesaver, Teo," she smiled, absent-mindedly rearranging the weight of her pack on her shoulder. Riiiiight, big guy, you're crazy if you'd think she'd trust you to 'look out' for her, screw that.

Still, the foundation of a relationship is built on trust.

"I'm actually not super tired though, don't let me hold you guys up, okay?"

But sadly for Teo, Gracie wasn't looking for a relationship. Nobody said you needed to trust a meat-shield.

[[Gracie Wainwright continued elsewhere]]

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