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Jay jumped nearly ten feet in the air at the sound of another voice, alarm bells ringing inside his brain. He scrambled about towards the edge of the carousel, spinning around on his knees trying to locate the voice. As his eyes rested finally on the boy, Jay began making a strange gurgling noise, unsure of what to say. As he looked down towards the object at the boys' side, a high pitched scream finally erupted from his throat. It was pointy, it was sharp, and as far as Jay was concerned, it sealed his fate. The alarm bells in his mind increased in volume, drowning out all rational thought.

"Oh SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!" He cried out, lunging back towards his bag and the very possibly bewildered Janet. His brain was racing. The boy had come upon them out of nowhere, and he was STILL entirely undefended. His hands shaking, Jay suddenly found it impossible to open his bag and retrieve his pistol. He gave up.

No no no no no, shit shit shit!

Jay spun back towards the boy, who he now recognized as Nick. Jay shook like crazy. He suddenly felt like he was back with Fatty John and J.J, standing in front of a loaded shotgun. Could he outrun him? He doubted it. He was decent in a scrap, but life or death? Absolutely not. Jay was useless. And Nick was probably going to kill both him and Janet, with whatever the fuck he was carrying. Jay would have spent more time wondering what exactly it was, if the situation was less dire.

"Stay the fuck where you are! And what the fuck is that thing? What the fuck are you doing, just - just all just, sneakin' up on me like that?! Can't you see I'm busy? I'm busy!" He screamed, his throat hoarse.

I just got cockblocked!

Jay burst out into a hysterical laugh at his own thought. He stumbled back once more towards the center of the carousel, scanning in all directions. Was it just Nick? He couldn't see anyone else. But then again, he hadn't seen Nick either. Could Nick have a partner? Had it been Nick and a buddy, firing off shots earlier? He was bouncing in every direction at once and every exit was blocked. Jay could blame no one but himself. He began shaking more profusely as he stood on the carousel, unsure of what exactly to do.

Stupid Jay, STUPID! You had all this time, all this fucking time to learn how to work the gun, to- to fucking think things through and what have you done?! What the fuck have you done?! You've done shit all, and now it's gonna end, your luck has fucking run out- dry! You deserve this you stupid idiot, do you think you can be civil and just coast through this place?! You understand you're gonna fucking die, so why won't you change that?!

Spinning towards Janet, he considered the girl for the first time.

Was this a setup?

The idea planted itself in Jay's mind and dug itself in, spreading its' roots, infecting his thoughts. It all started to make horrible, horrible sense. Janet couldn't have done it alone. She must have had a partner. The kid from before, it could have been exactly like this. And he'd went with her, believed her.

"Oh no, no no no, what the hell, come'on..." He murmured, snatching up his bag before stumbling to the edge of the carousel once more. "What the hell, did this- come ONN! Come on! I didn't do anything!"

It all makes sense. She's killed before, she probably has no- no qualms or whatever, about killing again! She's working with him! She's gotta be! That's why she's being so nice, she- she didn't act all flirty before, did she? Was she like this before? She wasn't! She's different, somehow, she's- oh god! Oh shit, oh god, they're gonna get me! Both of 'em, or more, or- or whatever, they're gonna win and I'm gonna get my ass killed!

"Both of you, just- just fuckin' stay where you are! I got a gun! I swear to fucking god, I got a gun! I'll shoot your asses, I got skill, I've played CoD! I'm a junkie man, I know how this shit goes down! So- just-" Jay swung his pack around and began to wrestle with it, finally opening it and grabbing his weapon, Jay let out a near hysterical laugh. Yanking the Nambu Pistol free, Jay pointed it towards the ground, gesturing to make sure the pair got the jist of what he was saying.

"Suck on this! Suck my 'gat motherfuckers! I don't want this, I don't wanna die! So just leave me alone, you crazy bitches! Keep that THING away from me Nicky! Or I SWEAR, I SWEAR! I don't care what you guys want, you're gonna kill me if you keep fucking SCARING me like this!"

He began to back up, towards the edge of the carousel, his face red from yelling, his throat raw.

"Holy crap, can't you people remember anything from Bayview?! You don't fuckin' sneak up on people when they're just chilling! That's likely to get your balls cut off! And now it's likely to get them blown off! You don't just run around with a fucking HANDSAW, shit, that one chick got KILLED with something like that! You don't do that! Not to me, otherwise I'm gonna' go crazy! I'm going crazy! How'd you do this Janet?! Is this your idea of a joke! It's gotta be a joke! This is all just a joke, friggin' kid, over there his head is gone, I asked him what was wrong I just I can't- I can't- this isn't even LOADE-FUCKSHIT!"

Taking another step backwards, Jay fell off the carousel, smacking his head on the ground. The rest was stars.
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