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((Slamexo adopting Janet Claymont back from Vanikoro.))

Everything had been going fine. Yeah, it was tiring, and yeah, Janet was doubtful that a bunch of logs spelt out as an SOS was going to help anyone, but it was better than just standing around like an idiot waiting to get picked off. She wasn't an A grade student, but she wasn't stupid either.

Morning rolled around soon enough and Janet sat down on one of the assembled logs to watch the sea, thinking of everything that'd happened since she'd arrived. The gazebo catching fire, that kid burning... then this. In hindsight it wasn't all that much to think about, but still, from the announcements going on, it was obvious that people were playing the game, and that meant she had to watch her back. The people she was with now seemed safe, but she had taken care not to let her guard down.

Finally, the second announcement blared across the speakers, echoing across the island for all to hear: Janet listened for want of anything else to do, no idea of what was coming up. In truth she hadn't given him much thought since she'd awoken on the island, being more concerned with her own survival.

Not thinking about someone doesn't meant they're safe.

"Chadd Crossen"

It didn't mean anything at first, Janet barely even registering the name. But she had heard it, and it was impossible for her to miss it; Chadd had been called out. The rest of the announcement became a blur, as the realisation hit home.

Chadd was dead.


The gunfire coming out of nowhere, Janet fell off the log as she whipped her head around to its source, blood streaking across the air as Cody was mercilessly ripped to pieces by the bullets piercing his flesh. Her mind filled with horror, as the helpless kid died before her.

"Jesus!" was all she could yell, looking at the scene from behind the wood, watching Imraan chase after them with his shotgun. She took heed of his words, and grabbed for her bags, before sprinting away along the cliffs, the sound of bullets ricocheting following behind her. She had to get out of there: she had to run!

She ran until she was out of breath; she ran until her heart pounded against her chest; she ran until she collapsed to her kness; all she could do was remember what she had heard:

Chadd was dead.

((Janet Claymont continued in Star-Crossed Lover))
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