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Owen stared in shock. His best friend had just died. He'd just watched Craig die. Suddenly, he didn't care about getting off the island anymore. He couldn't live with leaving his friend behind. He couldn't deal with it anymore.

To be sure, he was stepping out of character. Owen was the rational one. The practical one. The one that didn't act rashly or emotionally.

But this is Craig dammit!

Owen dropped his bags and gripped his bokken. He ran toward Craig, and toward the boy who had killed him.

"Craig! No!" Owen choked back tears of pain and anger. Anger at himself. Anger at Nik. Anger at the people who brought them here. He pointed at Nik and started to shout.

"You killed him! He was my best friend and now he's gone!"

He dropped his bokken and fell to the ground, sobbing. He didn't have the strength to take it out on Nik anymore. He just wanted this nightmare to be over.

"I loved you...I loved you so much Craig...I'm sorry it took me so long to come back...I'm sorry you never got to hear that before you..."

He couldn't finish what he was saying. All he wanted now was to be with Craig again. If he had to die...

I...I can do that...

Owen swallowed hard and picked up his bokken. "Bastards. You're all a bunch of bastard!"

He was shouting at nobody in particular. Maybe it was Nik and the girl. Maybe it was Danya and his crew. Maybe it was everybody who was sitting and watching. It didn't matter anymore anyway. He gripped his weapon tightly, and ran toward certain death, swinging wildly, as though he were a Berserker.

A very small Berserker.
((I'm hoping to get him killed here as well. In case anybody was curious.))
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