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Erik wasn't entirely sure when he woke up, from half-remembered dreams of childhood and scattered memories. He came back to the world slowly, moving sluggishly through a haze of fatigue until he managed to shake it off and focus once more on the firelight in front of him. There were people moving now, and talking. First softly, then louder, sounding worried. But not angry. They didn't sound like they were about to self-destruct into shooting, for instance.

That was always a good sign.

He stretched his legs and winced as little muscle cramps tightened his calves briefly, and his toes loudly protested the cold inside their slightly less than roomy sneakers. That firelight was looking mighty tempting right about now. If it came down to it he could probably flee pretty quickly, and in the meantime, a chance to warm up and actually talk with some people sounded amazing.

It was weird to think that some of the people he'd talked to recently probably weren't alive anymore. Or wouldn't be for much longer. He shook the thought away like so much water and pushed himself to his feet, slinging his pack over his back and moving quietly through the forest of stumps, not trying to make himself unnoticeable but not tramping around like Bigfoot either.

He opened his mouth to speak as he neared the campfire, but any words he might have been planning to say died in his throat as he got a closer look at the boy stretched out next to it, blood-spattered, being attended by two girls. Familiar hair, not brown, not red, somewhere in between. Warm eyes.


He was moving before he even realized, almost tripping over his own feet in his haste to get to the slightly smaller boy's side. Dropping hard to his knees, he reached forwards and then pulled back, hands hovering in the air, desperate to help but unsure how.


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