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it was a graveyard smash
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Cringe. Stare. Jaw-drop.

Cringe was the main verb that was circulating through Fiona Sparki's mind. She imagined that this was much like a car crash. You couldn't stop staring, it was disgusting to look at, and there wasn't much you could do to help. Just watch with a certain degree of morbid curiosity. And morbid, indeed. Fiona had never seen so much blood! It killed her appetite pretty quickly.

She felt lost. Had she taken a wrong turn? Was this really the Nik that she knew just ten minutes prior? What was going on? She was just supposed to be here, resting. Not confronting anyone or anything. Besides, she had no idea what the conflict had even been about. At her distance, it had been hard to hear much. Was Nik in the wrong? Was that larger dude? No fucking idea. But... Fiona knew Nik. He wouldn't just randomly go up to a guy and start waving around a gun. He was provoked. That was it.

And bang, blood, dead. It happened quickly. The larger guy had become an island in a small sea of blood. Nik seemed upset. His words were lost to her, but he seemed legit upset. Not angry. Not the emotions that a killer feels after killing someone in cold blood. Just.. upset. Fiona was sick of 'hiding.' She wanted to see what the fuck was going on. It was horrible to think that she wanted 'in on the action,' but she wasn't some weak princess. She was Fiona Sparki. She could deal.

But she didn't have to waltz over unannounced. Nik yelled loudly for her to bring his bag. Fiona immediately shot up and looked around for his bag. Not seeing it anywhere (she supposed he had it), she threw her own bag over her shoulder and took off in an almost comical-looking sprint. Heavy-set Fiona running to the fountain with two large duffel bags and an axe. Half-way through her run to Nik, she realized that she'd left behind her food, but.. It didn't matter. Nik was obviously in trouble. She'd get it back later if the ants hadn't completely enjoyed the Buffet De Bread.

Once reaching the fountain, Fiona slowed her running and strutted over to Nik, pushing past any of the others. She let her bag slump onto the ground as she examined the body of Craig. He was clearly dead. She looked over at Nik, down at Craig, and back up at Nik again. "You should put away the first-aid kit. I don't think Craig will be needing it," she said, sounding a bit colder than initially intended. That scared her a bit. She should be shaking or crying or anything.

There were thousands of things that should be making a huge impact on Fiona right now. For example, Craig's dead body. Craig's dead body, made dead by Nik. Nik was her traveling companion. Was Nik someone to watch out for? She glanced over at the guy from the corner of her eye. He didn't seem dangerous. She'd ask him to explain his case later. Now wasn't the time to start being paranoid.

..Oh, right. The body. Fiona let out her breath in a loud sigh and rubbed her forehead gingerly. She felt incapable of producing any words that could potentially help this situation. Nik just killed someone, and by the looks of it, it may have been an accident. Fiona wasn't totally sure of the details. Nik was obviously distraught, just as he was when Steffan killed. "Nik..." Fiona began but stopped herself. Nothing. Nothing came to mind.

Blinking, she looked over at the others. Strangers. Potentially hostile. Who wouldn't after witnessing a friend get killed? Another fight could break out right now and more people could end up dead. Fiona didn't want that. Dead people weren't exactly high on her list of favorite things. Mustering up enough courage as she could and using her loud, projective voice, Fiona stood in front of Nik, brandished her axe, and said, "He's armed, and I'm not half-bad with this thing," she fibbed, flipping the axe over in her hand for emphasis. She looked over at Nik, unsure if she should say anything more, but the words were just begging to come out. Sure, she didn't have half the story, and sure, she could make things potentially worse, but...

"We just wanted to rest. We've had a long day, alright? Everyone has. We were just gunna pass through this damn area, and.. this happened. We don't want anymore trouble, 'kay? We're going to head out, and if any of you try anything funny as we leave, you'll be joining him in the afterlife for doomed teenagers. And it won't be pretty." She held her axe a little higher and looked up at Nik.

What the fuck. Why had she sounded so cruel? Oh, who cares. She had to make a point. She didn't want anyone to try and start anything with her or Nik. No more fighting, no more deaths. She and Nik could live to see another day. Craig couldn't, but that was the name of the game. Fiona didn't want to waste time mourning over some dude that she didn't know. There was still an optimist inside of her that urged her not to think of death and corpses and slaughter. No mourning. She'd mourn later when she ran out of food rations.

Her steely gaze hadn't faltered from the strangers around her.

((Wheeler has been given permission to GM Fiona if need be in his next post.))
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