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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Why... why did everything have to get so ridiculous? One would think that being surrounded by your closest friends could dull the fear in a situation, but no. Even with Maf, Jason and Nathan all right there, life still found a way to become an absolute hell, a ball of confusion. Who was this new person? How many weapons were now pointing at whom? When would all the blood go away? Most importantly, when would Leila just shut... the fuck... UP!?

Brook eeked his way out from behind Maf, looking to how everybody was responding to the new threat. Despite the insistence of one very annoying girl, the voice on the intercom had made things perfectly clear: people were killing, people were dying, and danger lay outside of the circle of safety... in all directions, no less. It was this reason and this reason alone that Brook wasn't standing the closest to the exit of the tunnels, leaving that position for Maf, even though he wanted to be as far from the 'action' as possible.

His gun, as much of a piece of trash as it was, found itself hovering near his navel on the outside of his shirt. He held it there for comfort purposes, pointing slightly away from him and at the ground out of fear for what the weapon represent and the power it held, but it was his biggest comfort to be had all the same. Everybody here was armed to the teeth, and that was good, but if danger presented itself... there would be nothing but blood to come from it.
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