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(Skipping Vanikoro to avoid inactivity.)

Kevin seemed to share his humor at their situation and Andrew's grin only grew a little bit wider. It felt good to have someone else share your opinion, even if the opinion was "We're so fucked." Andrew pondered on Kevin's question for a bit, slowly rocking back and forth on the sand. He never actually put much thought into escape. From what he knew about the game, they were all on some remote island and for the past couple of iterations, no one had come to the students' rescue. Escape attempts usually ended badly for the escapees and he doubted Danya would be so dumb as to leave a boat lying around.

As for survival...beyond the simple mantra of "Stay alive and don't piss anyone off", he didn't really have a plan. He wasn't even sure if you could plan for a game like SotF. To survive without killing your fellow students? Probably not possible.

So he just shrugged. "Nope. Well, nothing concrete. Just trying to stay alive. Heh."

"You got a plan? Something better than getting piss drunk, I hope." Andrew sighed and climbed to his feet, brushing sand off of his pants and shrugging. "Well...plan or not, staying in one place for a long time isn't going to help. It's time for me to scoot. You can come with if you want, but it's up to you."

With that, he turned and began jogging away.

(( Andrew Mitchell continued elsewhere. ))
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