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Maxwell had disappeared into the trees even before Imraan had fired his first shot. He took a few more steps and raised his shotgun, ready to fire again even if there was nothing to fire at. But something, he wasn't even sure what it had been, had stopped him from pulling the trigger again.

He's gone, man. Forget it.

Imraan pulled back and looked at Cody's body again, then at the sign they'd spent a whole night building. Janet was still there, but the other kid that had arrived, the one with the gun, was not.

"Janet, did you see--"

Then there were more gunshots, from off in the direction Maxwell had gone. Imraan's head snapped up.

Oh God. Don't tell me, DON'T TELL ME he's done it again!

He grabbed his duffel bag off the ground, and turned to Janet.

"Janet... you shouldn't follow me. Go find other people. Just, just try to stay alive."

Then he rushed off in the direction of the shots.


The other kid was dead. Dead? That was too kind a word. His eyes were gone, that was all Imraan could really tell, and all he really wanted to know. The rest of his features were hidden beneath the blood.

Imraan crouched next to the body, keeping his eyes away from the kid's face. He hadn't even known this guy's name. He was just someone that Imraan recognized from school, and now he was the second person here who'd died because he hadn't reacted. He must have gone rushing after Maxwell when Imraan didn't, and then, well, Imraan didn't even know how it had ended up like this, but it had.

"So what am I supposed to do?" he muttered to One and no one in particular. He glanced down at the body again, and found he couldn't take those eye sockets anymore.

"Sorry about this, man." He reached under the body and flipped it over, leaving it lying facedown. That was better. Not much of an epitaph, though. He should at least know his name.

The kid's wallet was still in his pants pocket, and Imraan pulled it out with fingers that were feeling numb, then opened it. He pulled out a student card for Daniel Blessing, then closed the wallet and replaced it in Daniel's pocket. He didn't want to look at any pictures or mementos. Just a name was enough. He'd keep the card, and then he'd... he'd do what, exactly?

What was he supposed to do?


Imraan stood up, growling. His teeth were grinding together audibly. His body felt covered with cold sweat, and then he looked down at his hand and saw the cross he'd drawn on there. It was a reminder of what was supposed to be his strength. And he'd betrayed it. He hadn't been willing to stand behind what he'd believed, and now Cody Jenkins and Daniel Blessing were dead.

He had been scared. It was that simple. Too scared to get involved. Too scared to accept his fate, to stare it in the face. He'd told himself since the first day that he could handle this, for everyone else's sake, but hadn't that just been posturing? For all the strength he had told himself he had, what had he done? He'd ran. He'd ran away from the group on the road, rather than keeping them all together. He'd ran to the very edge of the island, and made a futile, useless SOS sign, pretending he was accomplishing something.

He was weak. Weak in faith. Weak in spirit. Weak in conviction. And weak in his actions. But not any more. From now on, he would face evil, and he would do battle with it.

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Imraan reloaded the shotgun and set off, after Maxwell Lombardi. Maxwell or any of the others he had heard from the announcements. Any of those who had preyed on others.

He would find them, and he would not be afraid of them. And then he would-- what? Would he just kill them, like he'd told himself a day ago he would never do?

No. He would stop them. That was the word. He would stop them from killing anyone else. Whatever it took.

(Imraan Al-Hariq continued in Keep Yourself Alive)
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