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The sunrise had come and gone. Colin had nodded off once or twice over the course of the night, but as much was to be expected. Beyond these momentary lapses in consciousness, he had kept a vigil eye on his charge for the night.

Unfortunately, one of those sessions of sleep happened to come about right as Jacob began to stir.

Just as Colin's eyes closed, Jacob's opened, giving him ample time to let the gears turn in his head, before finally speaking his first 'sane' sentence; if any mindset on this island could be considered sane anymore. Really, those who lost their minds were insane for well... being insane. Those who held their sanity from before... Were they insane for being able to handle the drama and the stress of this sadistic game?

"...anyone got some water?"

It was enough to wake the boy with a start. "Huh?" His head snapped to attention as he looked around, obviously startled by the first break of the silence.

"Oh. Y-Yeah. Here, hang on."

He quickly rolled to the side from his seated position, reaching for his backpack and rifling through it's contents, finally retrieving a bottle of water. Even though these resources were in such short supply, Jacob still obviously needed the cool refreshment that this one remnant of the civilized world could offer. "Here."

"I'm glad you're alright. We were seriously worried about you after that yesterday." A quick glance over him indicated that his idea had worked and while they might not be the most comfortable things in the world for him, at least his clothes had dried off.

His hands idly played with each other, thumbs locked in a war. His head dipped to the sand, and then to Tim, almost as if he was asking his approval.

"So... How are you holding up? I mean... No one's doing well on the island, but..."

He sighed. This was going to be the most awkward question he had ever asked.

"I... You... Were Paige's boyfriend, weren't you? I'm so sorry..." He had no idea what to day. Colin honestly couldn't fathom that level of despair as to want to take your own life. But in a way, he could sympathize. Granted he was the one that had taken the life, but still the amount of grief that Tony's passing before his very eyes... at his very hand, brought him so much pain. Not that he would ever mention that. It would just make him seem like more of a jackass to Jacob.

He shook his head, unable to think of what to say next. The awkward silence permeated every single nook and cranny of the landscape. He had saved a life, but really, had he done good? He just couldn't tell the difference anymore. Would it have been more merciful to have just let him die? If that were the case, it would have weighed on his consciousness more than the burden of murder already did. By all means he should have been proud he helped to save a life. But what fucked up reality did he bring him back to? A guarantee of death, not guaranteed to be as swift or painless?

His eyes focused solely on the ground, unable to make himself feel worthy of eye contact. In the heat of the moment he had forgotten the pain that killing had brought. But every time he thought, the train of thought seemed to lead him back to that singular event, and to question every little thing about himself. What other option had there been though? He wouldn't have lived anyways... "Better not to think about it..."

With that quick, soft muttering under his breath, he made every effort to focus on the situation at hand.

"How's your leg feeling this morning?"
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