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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Zach Jamis was afraid that he had been retracing his steps.

Afraid was about the only word he could have used. Scared shitless, tail between his legs? Fuck it. He wasn't scared. Wasn't scared of anything. Except for turkeys. They don't count though. Just stupid birds. Stupid.
No, all he was... was... shit. He had lost his train of thought. He knew it had something to do about how he had come up around the same place he emerged when him and Sam found their way out of the tunnels. There was a little cavern nearby with a pool of water in it. At the time Zach didn't really give two shits. His memory was fading in and out. He could recall vaguely that he had eaten shitty bread, drank shitty water, walked across shitty grass. That was about it. Rec center, then cave.

Zach turned to look at Mizore. She was looking at that wall like it was a fun little merry-go-round. Zach sneered.

"Don't you think it's a little too late to be painting?" he asked.

She didn't answer him. Damn it. Was she just going to ignore him now? He hadn't uttered a peep to her the whole time. Was that what she wanted? Fuck. Why the hell did she follow this nut anyway? She was no Sam. She had her own ideas. A backbone as big as her, well, back. Sam had a spine, she wasn't a little lackey who agreed with everything Zach said. She was lenient though. Patient. She had put up with Zach's shit because Zach's shit was Zach's shit and she understood that. Mizore didn't understand that. In fact she didn't seem to care about what he thought. Thought it'd be more important to finger paint on fucking rocks. Bullshit. What was he supposed to do? Talk to her about art?

"Yeah, go have fun." He said dismissively. She didn't respond to that either.

Zach didn't take off his boots. He just sat at the foot of the pool, just watching Mizore. His mind slowly tuned everything out until the only thing he could do was watch her light shit up. It took him a while to recognize what she was drawing, mostly because he was more focused on the act of drawing rather than the creation itself.

Zach cracked his neck and spoke.

"Is this what you did back home? You a graffiti artist or something?"

Stupid question. Zach wanted an answer though.

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