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^This is not what a Laz looks like^
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((That's more than I can write on a daily basis. You can lead the two out of here.))

Rashid also backed away from his so-called friend, clutching a cheek he was sure had gotten cracked underneath the skin from the force of the blow. He already got the hint (in the obviously hard way) to keep his distance from his so-called 'friend' after a fight so as not to provoke him again, intentionally or otherwise.

"So...got a plan for where to go next, Rashid?" Harun eventually asked.

He leaned against a nearby tree opposite from where Harun slouched. He looked up into the sky, already burning red with the sunset, before swiveling it down and to the side toward his bag. Rather than open it up and look for the map though, he instead grabbed his elbow as if to support that hand on his cheek and took a very deep breath, hoping briefly that it would have some kind of healing effect on his skull.

"Fuck if I know...someplace," he muttered, seething from the lingering pain to his jaw. "Someplace" also included someplace to think, and someplace to pray, and someplace to rest, preferably someplace without people that weren't out to deal out a protracted, painful and humiliating demise.

Rashid, however, wasn't in the mood for anything worth describing in detail, summing it all up in three words.

"Just...not here."

Indeed, he hardly seemed in the mood for anything other than wanting something to fix that jaw so his corpse would look a tad more presentable to his parents when it inevitably arrived.

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