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How cute.
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A relatively cold stare was the only thing he could give the girl as she stammered out a response to what he'd been talking about. The questions came and they were quite simple. Was he trying to recruit people?

"Yes, I am."

Was he trying to form a group?

"There is safety in numbers."

But what about her confession? She wasn't exactly capable of much, even with the gun; here she was, sitting on the beach, barely able to keep composed. When it came down to it, she was likely to die the moment she was in danger. Of course, he couldn't just tell her that, though he thought she knew exactly what would happen if one of those killers on the list were to find her there instead of the nervous little gamer or the track star with a few problems. Yeah, she knew exactly what would happen... but so did Alex and despite everything he'd done, he still thought he could help, still thought he was doing what was right. Prevention was the best medicine right?

"We stick together and you won't have to do anything. I've handled myself here in two fights and my dad... well, he taught me just about everything I know."

That's right... almost everything he knew, he learned from his dad and his older brother. Hell, the entire idea of protecting his friends was probably a result of what they'd taught him before, what they had always believed in with their professions. Despite his desires to do what he wanted to do instead of what others insisted he do, he was still following in his father's footsteps in one form or another. Of course, the way he was going about it wasn't something to be proud of. For a moment, he wondered what his dad would do if he were there.

But he's not here. I am. These are my choices. I just have to make the best ones I can.

But really, were they the best choices? In the long run, wouldn't every decision he made just end up hurting him or someone else? He hadn't exactly been the best judge of right or wrong here on the island... but really, who was?

"That gun..."

He'd never quite taken his gaze off her weapon from the moment he spotted her holding it; it looked old and slightly worn but still in good shape. Foreign in design, that was certain, but it was still a gun and any gun was better than no gun here in this hell. The entire time he'd been speaking to the two of them, spilling his story of what had been happening so far in his run of the game, he'd been contemplating how to get that weapon away from her. Could he just attack them, take their weapons and run without issue? No, not really; that was a gun he was staring at, not a molotov or a knife. He didn't even know why Micheal had yet, but that kind of thing wasn't the best to guess about and hope for the best; for all he knew, Micheal was hiding a something worse than a handgun in that bag.

Before he could respond further, Micheal was off again and didn't look to be stopping any time soon.

On and on and on and on.

"Don't you ever shut up?"

Alex interjected with that little bit of hostility as Micheal rambled. Yeah, the first instance was bad, but this was just worse; every few seconds it was another reference and another term. All of them from video games; RPGs and strategy games, first person shooters and other such action filled genres all seemed to have been covered by his gamer styled nervous rambling.

"Seriously, you jump off like that and spew shit no one understands."

Right, probably not the best idea to get angry.

"This is not a fucking video game."

This... is not looking too good.

"We don't have statistics to determine our skills and we don't have a fucking scoreboard telling us if we're beating the other team. This is not a game and we're not fictional characters and yet here you are spewing more shit every five seconds about this character or that."

Alex certainly didn't look happy now, thrusting his hand forward and pointing at the boy as he talked; he didn't step closer now, not without knowing what the boy was hiding, but he wasn't about to sit and listen to more game related bullshit. Not here, not in this place and not after what he did. He'd made too many mistakes and done far too much to let this idiot play it off as a video game. There was no chance in hell that he was going to let that happen. This was not a god damn video game!

"God damn it, this is fucking life and death! This isn't some fucking video game you can just save and quit! These are peoples lives we're talking about, not character sheets and dice rolls."

He'd done far too much since this all began to let him treat it so lightly. He would go on to do far worse as this all went on as well and he knew this and he wasn't about to let it all just become a game. This was real, he had to believe that, he had to control what little he could and help however he could and this asshole was treating it like a game and--


Nothing quite made sense now. Really, it was so small and yet Alex had suddenly become so irate. Here he was, confronting this boy he knew was just scared and nervous, yet Alex was barely able to hold back the hostility that he was throwing Micheal's way.

"God damn it!"

Within a moment, he was clutching the strap of Liz's bag as it hung from his back and ripping the apparently offending object from it's place among his belongings; the other two remained where they were, but the bag with Liz's name stitched unto the side was soon hitting the ground with a dull thump. It was certainly better than his original idea of throwing something at Micheal but it didn't exactly do much for his temper or anger. Speaking of which... why was he suddenly so angry, anyways? It didn't make much sense, really, for him to have gotten so riled up over Micheal's relatively small and inconsequential comments. So why in the hell was he so fucking mad?

"Damn it... I should have taken those pills."
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