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They weren't listening to her. However, Chase got a very good answer on "Spiky-Head"'s mental health. And boy, did they ever.

And suddenly, it all went to shit once more.

Spiky-Head went on a tirade of her own. Yelling, screaming, getting up in Marty's face, pointing.

Chase opened her mouth to make another comment, but she continued, telling him about metalhead chicks and people being set on fire. Seriously, what was going on now? Were things so close to blowing up before she got here?

She could only watch what happened next.

Zip. A gun was removed. Spiky Head was telling them she was going to live longer than all of them because she had it. It was being waved around like a baton.

Kick. The girl's foot connected with the tent, causing it to topple over with Marty still inside.

Splash. A bag landed in the water, getting soaked and laying there in the shallow water.

Everything, once again, seemed like a surreal movie. Chase could only watch all of this, her forced smile having been replaced with an expression of fear. She looked to Marty. Strawberries and cream hair was approaching him, and suddenly...

Thunk. Marty fell to the ground without a word. Oh god, did she... oh no... she might have flat out killed him. Sure, strawberries and cream hair had said that it was to shut him up, but Chase knew that it could potentially mean death if he got knocked out. Someone rushed from behind her. It was that retro-guy she had noticed, clearly reacting to Marty's apparent death. He pointed a gun at the two girls, telling them to drop their weapons and to stay away from him. A quick look at his face told her that he was crying as he pointed what turned out to be a crossbow.

Chase stood on the spot for a few seconds, wondering what she could do. She could run. Just grab her bag and run as fast as she could in the other direction. They were busy playing soccer with tents and pointing weapons at each other, they wouldn't notice her.

But was this going to be sorted out soon enough?

No. None of this was going to be sorted out.

Even if Marty didn't die, someone was getting to get killed right here, right now. There was nothing she could do. Was there? She had to make a decision right now.

And she made it.

"Guys..." she began.

She looked at the new guy. Then Spiky Head. Then strawberries and cream hair. Then Marty. Deep breath.

"I agree with her. Let's put our w... our weapons down. Down. Not inside people, or over their heads, or... you know. Let's just talk this through."

She looked at Marty, and suddenly bounded over on the sand to him, crouching down to get a better look. What if that blow really was going to kill him, if it didn't already? He seemed unconscious right now, though. He was probably going to need medical attention soon, obviously.

"Hey... Marty?" she asked, using his actual name this time.

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