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((Getting this moving for announcement time))

It was going so well, except that Lucas was already a dead man, due to that stomach wound. Maybe he had been from the start, before he'd even lowered the gun. His plan had been so clear. Talk them down, then shoot Ericka as soon as everyone was distracted. Such a simple plan. Because he'd known she was a killer, and he'd been right. The only thing was, he hadn't known just how serious she was, how dangerous. Perhaps something in his demeanor had tipped her off. No matter.

Now all he had left to do was save Peter from the other psychopath. The world was fuzzy. He'd almost certainly missed. Was he out of ammunition? He thought he was. He'd just have to get his... his pointed stick thing, then. Get it and kill her and...

And there was Peter. He was alive still. Good. Lucas had at least kept him going this long. And Peter had a sword, so he could defend himself. And he was moving in close, to back Lucas up. And then he was slashing. The blade impacted Lucas' wrists with a crack. It cut a thin line across them, blood flowing from this new opening in his body. At least one was probably broken or chipped or whatever happened to wrists. Lucas screamed and dropped the gun, and then something had connected with his leg, sending him sprawling. He fell to the grass, hard. His head bounced off the dirt, and everything went black for a second. Focus slowly returned, a narrow band of color. Someone was standing over him. Someone was going to kill him. This was it. The end. And who was it?


He'd been right. Lucas had been right about them all. They were all killers. All just searching for their opening. He'd been duped and reduped, and now he was going to die.

Pretty lame way to go, all things considered.
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