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The impact was dull and unfamiliar. Peter hadn't hit anyone in a long time. He wished he could say "never" but that was likely a monumental lie. Still, hitting somebody with a running tackle had not been on the list of things he'd ever done before. The hit had sent them both to the ground, spinning and rolling from the odd angle they had hit each other. Peter could almost hear the whistle of bullets pass over head as they tumbled.
Should've practiced doing things like tackling people out of gunfire like they taught in gym class. Football. Whatever.
Peter could hear the gunfire still ringing through the air after they had hit the ground. Why? He and Lucas were out of line of sight. Not shootable. Nobody else to shoot at. Nobody except maybe-
I hope she ducked out of cover like I said. It's the best I can do against a gun.
He rolled and propped himself up on his arms so he could look around without putting himself up as a target. Nobody in sight. Gunfire still ringing. Things didn't add up. Why? There were some pieces missing. Maybe Eiko had already gotten hit. Didn't explain the continued gunfire. Maybe Ericka had just gone totally off the wall and unloaded her whole magazine at them. Too many shots. How many? Eight? Ten? Peter hadn't been keeping track, and trying to bring back the auditory memory of the last ten seconds just resulted in an echoing series of bangs.
Ringing in my ears. Disregard it. It's not real.
Wait. There was another burst of gunfire that had sounded different. Closer. Not just in proximity, but also in frequency. A different gun was being used. There was only one other person with a gun around here. A quick scan of the field found him. Lucas standing amidst the tall grass.
Not standing. He's taller than that. Probably crouching.
Gun aimed at the treeline. Presumably the gunfire had been him returning fire.
He shouldn't be shooting back. People will get hurt, and become killers.
It only took a moment to gather his breath before pushing up to his feet, but to Peter, it felt like minutes. Maybe that still wasn't particularly long, but at a time where the seconds mattered, it felt long enough. His sword had fallen from his grip in the tumble, but hadn't fallen too far away; his hand found the hilt and brought the weapon to his side. The sheath lay forgotten. It was a time where diplomacy had failed. The sheath would protect the sword, but not the wielder nor his charge.
Diplomacy hasn't failed. This can still be salvaged. Put the sword down.
Peter stormed over to Lucas' position. It only took two long steps, but even before he had managed to cover that distance, Lucas had turned and shot again. Peter froze in his tracks. Instinct howled at him to check to make sure he hadn't been hit. Not that there was any burning pain. Lucas hadn't shot at him. The angle was wide and wouldn't have hit Peter even if he was fatter than several cows put together. What the hell had he been shooting at?
Think clearly. What did he say right before he shot?
Lucas had said something before shooting. Peter had heard it, but the words hadn't been given meaning. Until now."Behind..."
There wasn't any need to put this puzzle together. It had fallen into place from the start. Lucas had never been a good guy. Pointing a gun at Ericka; then, resisting Peter's attempts at defusing it peacefully. Peter might have chalked it up to nerves, pressure, and paranoia. This was over the line. Nobody attacked Eiko. Not on his watch. "Fucking bastard!" Peter snarled. "Watch where you aim that thing."
Uh... maybe this is all just a huge misunderstanding. Jumping to conclusions could be bad.
Swordfighting wasn't something Peter had practiced before either; then again, how hard could a sword be to use? Apply bladed edge to opponents. Sure there were other things too, but that required the other party to have an equally effective melee weapon. Guns didn't fall in that category. The bladed edge was applied to the at the limbs held between the two fighters; the aim was to disarm him of the gun. The angle of the cut was awkward; not a lot of space in between. A reverse grip served the motion better, but it made applying force harder. He wasn't cutting off any hands with the attack, but it still pushed the arms out of the way.
Back up. Violence isn't necessarily the only way.
Nothing stood in between the two. Peter's stance with the sword wasn't proper for any sort of follow-up slash. Maybe there was more to swordfighting. No matter. Peter's right leg snapped out, aimed at Lucas' shoulder. Once Lucas was on the ground, he'd be on the defensive. Peter had never been good at okizeme, but he had learned the fundamentals. Once he had the upper hand, the match would be his.
Anyone knows that when someone starts comparing real life to a game, things have gone a bit too far.

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