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Alex took a few mental notes of the situation before him. There were four people, two boys and two girls. One of the girls seemed a bit weak, and had taken water from the boy in front of him. So, someone who wasn't much of a threat and someone who stupidly looked out for others besides himself. Excellent. The other two didn't seem like they would be of much help to him. The boy looked a bit spooked... and wounded. Strike another one from the large threat list. That only left the 'good Samaritan' and the other girl who could potentially make things bad.

And the 'Samaritan' was asking about the blood. It was a question Alex had anticipated, but was unsure of how he would respond to it. He decided to fabricate a scenario. A plausible one, something they could all believe. "Oh, yeah. I guess I look pretty intimidating like this. I was attacked. Some crazy kid snapped or something and came after me. I managed to get the upper hand. I was scared, really frightened. I beat him up to protect myself. He was already injured a bit, so he bled on me. I didn't kill him though, I'm not like those others. We're still people right? I only defended myself. Maybe a little too much, I don't know. I ran away as quick as I could, tried to get away and clear my head. Try and get the fear out so I don't start to lose it like that guy did."

He brushed his cheek, trying to seem as if he had absentmindedly forgotten about it. "Ah, this. It still hurts but I completely forgot about it. I fell while I was running away, must have cut myself on some rock or something. I don't know, I didn't try to find out. Just had to keep running. That is, until I got back here. See, this is near where I woke up in this nightmare. I figured I should be careful, just in case I run into more psychos. I swear I thought I was a goner when I coughed. But I figured I should show myself. I don't have anything to lose after all. Thank god you didn't attack me. You don't know how good it is to see people who haven't let this place get to them."

He smiled, thinking to himself how brilliant he was.

That should work nicely. It's foolproof. Ha! There's no way a crazy person could have come up with this plan. This place hasn't gotten to me. And it never will. I'll survive, I'll use everyone I can to do so. I won't go crazy, I won't snap and die like everyone else will. I'm not crazy. No, you're not crazy Alex. You're the last sane man in this place. Your plan is proof of your sanity. Yes, proof.

He lowered his hands slowly. "If I promise not to slow you guys down, do you mind if I stick with your group for a moment? I would feel a lot safer traveling with a group than alone. I don't want to run into someone crazy with an actual weapon."
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