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Tyler looked at the bushes, and then looked back at the group. "I heard someone in there. I think." Beat. "I'm not tryin' to hurt you, but I want to know..." And then the barrage of abuse comes from all sides. Tyler's temper slowly simmers.

These guys are idiots. Assuming I didn't have a gun...which I don't...I'd hide in the bushes to ambush someone else.

Partly lowering the tire iron, Tyler barked at the bushes. "Come out, hands up. Don't try any funny business." No, he didn't sound like some cop on Law and Order or Dragnet or anything like that, did he? Not at all! He did, however, back up a few feet to give the girl some room to emerge out of range of him...

Probably not the best move, but I don't care to get a mob at my back, either.

"Nothing personal...there are enough ambushes to go around without me letting another one happen, you know?" And with that, Tyler forces a smile for a second. "I just don't want to die, y'know?"

Turning to the others, Tyler looks at them with a deep glare. "Ok, she's harmless, I assume. But...do you guys not get that half of the people on the island are out to kill you?" He asks this with a tone implying that they were born yesterday, while pivoting to make sure he has an escape route. "I've already had a gun pulled on me..." You idiots.

Yes, viewers, Tyler Franklin is looking for a way out of this situation, but he's also not about to turn and run.
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