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Bill saw Tiffany lower her gun, and he lowered his in response...partway, at least. He was still aiming, only now he was aiming at the ground a few feet in front of him.

Just let me get out of here in one piece, alright? Man, this went wrong quickly. I did not expect that gun to come out or someone to flank me like that.

"Ok. Backing up now..." Step by step, Bill Davis backed up, away from the group. "I won't come back, but don't come after me."

I'm going to get out of here alive. I'm going to be fine, and I haven't had to waste any ammo. I'll take what I can get, and if this is what I can get, I'll take it.

As he added a bit of distance between him and the group, Bill felt himself relax just a bit. Once he felt sure he was far enough back that he couldn't be easily shot by them, Bill Davis turned and ran as fast as he could, hoping to get away from them. He did not want to die.

((OOC: Bill Davis continued elsewhere))
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