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(OOC: Tiny post as well; ****ing RL)

David nearly shit himself. Nearly. Not quite, however: He could tell that he had been heard, but not spotted. He could also tell that the group was not friendly.


The first group he'd run into, on day one, had been friendly enough...until the shooting started. This group, on the other hand...

Fight or flight? Flight. Definitely flight.

Not stopping to check what weapons they had, not stopping to find out, David turned and ran. Hard. Fast. Right into a wall.

"Shit." David looked at his hands in the dim light, bloodied from his sudden, unexpected stop. He could tell that they hurt...he could tell there was bleeding, and he could feel that he'd scratched up his face. He knew he was a mess, but his heart was pounding as he tried to scramble back to his feet to run...and slipped on some sludge on the floor.

I'm going to die, I'm going to die...

He knew, intellectually, that his thoughts might be an overreaction...but he also knew that he was in at least some amount of trouble...and his panicked reaction was making him flail all the worse.
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