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Marco took the bottle back from the girl, took a couple of sips himself to quench his thirst, and stowed it back in his bag. She could have drunk a lot more if she wanted to, going back to refill it would have been no skin off his back. Ah well, if she wanted any more later on, she was more than welcome to have some, if she was planning on sticking around with him that was. He had no idea what her plans were. Hell he had no idea what his own plans were.

A cough alerted Marco the presence of another boy heading their way. As he came closer, Marco saw that he was caked in blood with a gash on his cheek. "Holy crud, what the hell happened to you?" he exclaimed as the newcomer asked for their assistance and gave them his name. The cut on his cheek was still bleeding... which meant it had to have been made not long ago. 'Was he attacked recently?'

That didn't bode well if someone was going around attacking people close to their position. Looking at Alex, Marco saw something was slightly off; the blood on his clothes wasn't fresh at all. It was faded and more of a brown colour than red. It had to have been on his clothes for a reasonable amount of time. 'What... what had happened to him then? Did he get badly injured or something? Is that even his own blood?'

Well that last thought made him a lot more unnerved by the boy's sudden arrival. He could have just come his way straight after butchering someone else. He glanced briefly at Jennifer and Phil for some kind of reassurance, noticing his former team mate tightly clutching her hand. He was mumbling something to her, she whispered something back, but Marco couldn't hear what either of them said exactly.

"Um... how did you get that blood down you?" Marco asked Alex, wanting to get to the bottom this. He took a step back just to be sure.
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