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It pained her to do it, but somebody had to. And if somebody had to be the one to shroud Samaya's face from the world for the last time, then it may as well have been Felicia. She had to be strong, to suppress the trembling that wanted to shake her bones apart. "Just relax a little, Felicia." "Chill out, everything is going to be okay." Maybe those are things Samaya would've said, if she was still here. Was there something... anything that could have changed? Was there any way things could have been different, and have Samaya waking up along with her two friends?

Such a useless question. There was no turning back, no way Felicia could ever have her friend back, and the very same act that would put Samaya to rest would also offer some finality, some closure. Felicia brought the nightshirt back up to her chest, arms still shaking as she squeezed it as tightly as she could. Her hands were barely under her own control as she brought the shirt down towards Samaya, gently draping it over her head and neck at first.

The garment was only big enough to reach down to the laying girl's waist, and that would have to do. The tears wanted to come again, pushing like the advancing wall of sorrow it was and threatening to shove her eyes out of socket, but Felicia had to press on. This last rite WAS getting done... and she prayed it was the only time she would have to 'bury' one of her friends. Easing Samaya's head up, great care was taken in tucking the blanketing shirt underneath at the top and sides, then let her lay down once more so the shirt would stay tucked in place. Smoothing out the creases over her shrouded visage, Felica worked her way down until she was tucking the bottom corners of the shirt beneath Samaya's back.

Having finished the only thing she could have done, Felicia leaned in to where the girl's forehead lay hidden, safely tucked away from this terrible island, and brushed her lips in a final, respecting kiss. "Love you, Sammy..." Felicia whispered, rising despite her quaking to stand next to Melissa and Aislyn. While her throat was parched and her lips were ready to crack, Felicia only took a few trickles of water from the bottle for her sip. Just... her stomach couldn't manage much more.

It seemed that the three held one final, silent vigil before Aislyn walked away. Hurtful, but understandable... she was committing no personal wrong. They had to move on. It... maybe it was what Samaya would have wanted, and not to see her friends die just like she had. And so, Felicia waited as long as she could bear before following the other two out of the area, never to look back.

I... I need a hug.

((Felicia Carmichael, continued elsewhere))
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