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It was really very dark.

It was strange, how heavily that was weighing on Jasper-Declan's mind. Perhaps it was simply because this was the first time he had really stopped to rest- perhaps because this was the first time he was truly surrounded by the darkness, without the comfort of his flashlight (it would only attract unwanted attention here, he reasoned). Or perhaps it was just dawning on him exactly how dangerous this situation was. Not that danger meant anything to him. Danger was a word- he could understand its meaning without feeling it, as a sociopath can understand what 'love' is on an intellectual level while never feeling it himself. Jasper-Declan had never felt like he was in danger, had never felt pain, had never felt afraid.

Something about the creeping darkness threatened to change that, if he lingered on it much longer.

So he rerouted his attention, instead pulling a few crackers from his daypack, chewing mechanically. He ran his fingers over his gun absentmindedly- in all honesty he kept forgetting it was even there, in his hand, though it had never left. Still, I hold this weapon...still, this remains my own possession. Still I wonder what I could accomplish, what I should accomplish with a tool such as this. What...what on earth am I meant to do...?

The combination of the darkness and the cold metal in his hand were flustering him. It was a strange feeling. Not one he had much experience with. He was grateful for the interruption when Carly spoke.

"Jasper, has uh, anyone ever told you that you talk kinda weird? I don't wanna sound mean or anything it's just that you can sound kinda robotic when you talk like that and --"

Jasper-Declan had already formulated his response- yes, I have been told that before, but my way of speaking is simply that, my way of speaking, and is not anything I'd be capable of changing...particularly not at a stressful time like this- but he suddenly became aware of the change in circumstance about a millisecond before Carly verbalized it.

"-- hey someone's coming!"

Two someones, in fact, he mentally corrected her, before mentally chiding himself for using a phrase like 'two someones'. There was undoubtedly a figure coming towards them- even starlight was enough to confirm the figure as a reality- but Jasper-Declan was a bit more concerned with the sound he'd heard behind him. It sounded like...well, truth be told, it sounded like vulgarity, and he wrinkled his nose in response. He was used to swearing- being friends with Alex Campbell and Jay Holland would do that to a person- but out of the mouths of those he didn't already care about, unnecessary vulgarity struck him as just that. Vulgar, that is. At any rate, there was certainly someone behind them, and not a particularly civil person, either.

Or intelligent...

He wasn't afraid. What is fear but a reaction to possible future pain, and what is pain? Nothing at all to Jasper-Declan.

He calmly dug his flashlight out of his backpack, his other hand held a firm grip around his gun. Drawing the flashlight, he pointed it at the incoming stranger. It didn't tell him much, and he was mildly disappointed when no name had the courtesy of drifting into his mind at the sight. The boy was tall, black, athletic looking, and Jasper-Declan was sure he'd had a class with this boy at some point, but still, no name. No weapon in sight, though, and that at least was a comfort. He didn't raise his gun- didn't see the need. Instead-

"...Hello, whoever you are. I am Jasper-Declan. This is Carly. We are resting here for the night. If you do not plan to kill us in our sleep, feel free to rest here for a while."

He smiled a tiny, wry smile before turning around. He pointed the flashlight at himself, meaning simply to illuminate himself for the benefit of their other mysterious intruder. And why not? There was no advantage the other newcomer could hold over a boy with a gun. Fortunate, for myself, I suppose.

"...And whoever you are, feel free to show yourself. I do hope you don't believe yourself to be hidden."
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