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(Carly Jean Dooley continued from Pearl and Destiny)

Stupid George.

Stupid STUPID George.

She'd never even WANTED to go to prom with George Leidman in the first place! Way back in class when she brought the whole thing up in the first place, hadn't she been hoping that Nathan Choultard would take the hint and ask her out? Hadn't she? Carly couldn't really remember, but she did know that Nathan had awesome hair and was on the track team, and she DID know that Nathan wouldn't have just gone off and abandoned her in the middle of the night, leaving her stuck with the robot kid she was with now!

OK, maybe that was a bit harsh. Sure, Jasper was awkward and strange, but whatever. He was nice enough, and he wasn't crazy or going to kill her. At least she hoped so.

Ugh, and she'd been feeling so much better, too. At least before George had gone off. She'd actually been starting to feel.... at peace with this whole stupid thing, Carly didn't know how to put it. In a kind of 'at least I'm not going to die alone' sort of way. That was pretty pathetic thinking, wasn't it? Here she was, she was probably going to get killed on this island and nobody'd remember her and she'd done NOTHING with her whole stupid little life, and she was going to be happy that at least she was with the guy she went to prom with? Lame.

Sometimes she wanted to run back to the warehouse. She'd find her spot and hide there, and just wait and cry and be miserable until whatever happened. But she'd managed to keep herself from bolting away so far. She'd stuck with Jasper, and who the fuck knew, maybe she could consider that to be a personal victory, no matter how pitiful it was. And maybe she'd find George again, or something else would happen that would justify this whole thing and her whole stupid life up to this point.

Jasper seemed to be absorbed by the sunset, taking the time to watch the colors and shapes change in the sky. Carly was jealous of him. All she saw was a bunch of lights, and they didn't calm her down. They made her mad. Mad that she was out here being forced to watch the sun setting on this island in the middle of nowhere, instead of in the safe and boring confines of St. Paul. Sure, it was pretty, but who cares about how pretty the sky looks when you're dead?

He turned and asked her if she wanted to sleep here. What she WANTED was to sleep in her bed, but that wasn't very likely to happen, now was it? So sure, why not here? Couldn't be any worse than sleeping while scrunched into a corner of the warehouse.

"Sure," she said. "I mean, wherever, I guess this place works as good as anywhere else."

Carly shrugged her pack to the ground and rubbed her shoulder, wincing. She was used to walking around carrying a bag over her shoulder from the golf team, but this was still seriously tiring. Not to mention that they didn't even get anything GOOD to eat, and so she'd been walking around the whole day with nothing but really bland bread and crackers to keep her going. She looked over at her new traveling partner.

"Jasper, has uh, anyone ever told you that you talk kinda weird? I don't wanna sound mean or anything it's just that you can sound kinda robotic when you talk like that and -- hey someone's coming!"

In the fading light there was someone coming their way. There was another sound behind her as well, but Carly's attention was focused on the newcomer and she didn't register it to any real degree. Should they run? No, no Jasper had a gun, and they couldn't just run away from everyone they met, what if it was George coming back or someone else who could help her?

"Uh, who's there?" she called, trying not to sound too scared or too forceful. She stepped back, hoping she wouldn't have to run away again.
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