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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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... Shit. Jessica had done it. She screwed up.

Jessica never really liked Milo. He was a jerk. She didn't hate him enough to actually want to shoot him though. And now he was screaming! Oh god. What had she done?! Now they were going to think she was a loon! Oh god oh god. Jessica stared at the raving Milo, biting down on her lip. She didn't take into account that Robert was laughing at the incident. All she could think about was that she someone in the crotch, which was a disturbing thing that a young girl like Jessica should be thinking about. Her eyes almost teared up from her gut-wrenching guilt.

Wait, was Alex talking to her? Crap, she hadn't been paying attention.

Jessica turned and looked at Alex. Her eyes were wide, tearing up. "H-Huh?" She stammered. "Umm..."

Why the hell was it so hard?

Alex had been worried about Roman for the past three days. Why wouldn't Jessica just take pity on Alex and listen to her? Jessica wasn't hungry. She never ate much so going without food for a little longer wouldn't bother her.

Jessica closed her eyes. Alex, Josie, Pand-Meredith. She really hated that name. She didn't have many friends. Jessica couldn't even name five off of the top of her head. Everyone looked at her as the weird girl that never spoke during class. They never bothered with her. Alex and Meredith were her only friends and even then their connection was loose. And Josie - well, Jessica had only spoken to her twice.

Nick. Especially Nick. His name should have overshadowed Roman and Josie. On the list of people she wanted to see the most, Nick was way up there. Things didn't feel so rushed with him. She didn't stumble over words when she was around him. That made her feel... what was the word? Normal? Jessica knew she was a normal girl but that was the only way she could describe it. Jessica would travel to see Nick. That begged the question though. If Jessica heard that Nick was at the Hall of Mirrors... Would Alex go with Jessica half-way across their little deserted home? Or would Alex sneer at Jessica and tell her she was stupid? Jessica wasn't sure about either of these things. So she had flipped her coin and it had landed on it's edge. Now where was supposed to side...

Then again she did shoot someone in the crotch so... when Jessica really thought about it, the decision had been made for her.

"Yeah," Jessica said after a moment of hesitation. She nodded. "Y-Yeah, let's just go."

Jessica didn't take into account how the chances of Roman actually showing up there were small. He might have moved on for all she knew! However, it was an excuse to leave. So she left without fuss.

(Jessica and Alex continued elsewhere...)

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