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((Apologies for crappy post, wrote this in a hurry.))

Harun took a couple of steps back as Rashid got to his feet to give him some space, nervously eyeing his companion as he regained his composure, loosening the tight grip his trembling hand had on the swordgun to hopefully appear less threatening and more relaxed. Hopefully Rashid had gotten over that little bout of paranoia, and didn't hold any further ill feelings towards Harun. If he was going to die an obscenely painful and tragically premature death on this isolated island, he'd rather be killed by someone who he didn't consider a friend.

Once Rashid was firmly on his feet instead of trying to convert Harun's face into a thick, icky paste with his fists, there was a brief silence, as Harun allowed his mind to wander while thinking of a comment to make to break the awkward silence that had befallen their part of the woods. Scratching an itch on his chin, he finally spoke, his eyes staring upwards towards the tree tops.

"So...got a plan for where to go next, Rashid?"

He let out a sigh as his eyes returned to staring at the ground, and, exhausted, depressed and grouchy, he leaned against the nearest tree, slouching against it sloppily.
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